Rawrrbecca Reads: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Historical Fiction / Published by Black Swan in 2016
Friendship, love, an accordion, books, and a secret in the basement
Liesel, a ten-year-old girl who’s just witnessed the death of her younger brother and apparent abandonment by her mother, is thrust into a brand new life with her foster parents,…

Notes from the ‘Gram: The Anxiety Creeps Back In

“Trying to be edgy and cool ⠀⠀
The Vinegar Yard, London Bridge ⠀⠀
On a real side note though, everything might look all hunky dory in these photos (forever going to continue posting snaps that are a month out of date haha) but after a week of rest and relaxation it’s taken just two days to make me f…

I’m an Appaholic

I'm Becca, and I'm an appaholic.



noun: appaholic

Someone who is addicted to buying apps for their iPhone, iPod, or their iPad. ---
I wanted to say this was a new term, coined by your's truly, but unfortunately, Urban Dictionary beat me to it.

If you know me in real l…

Podcast Picks #1

Who else is obsessed with podcasts? They’re just great aren’t they? A productivity booster, procrastination buster. I’ve got a whole bunch of favourites that I listen to on the regular and wanted to start sharing with you specific episodes that have stuck with me.  The Sunday SocialDo We Still Die…

That Time I Fell For A Facebook Scam

The other day I was duped into giving my “friend” my bank details, little did I know my friend’s Facebook account had actually been hacked. It was a scam
As silly as I felt afterwards, it was scary just how well a hacker had mimicked my friend’s tone of voice, and duped not just me but a couple …

Dirty Bones // Kingly Court

You know what I love? A decent burger on a Friday night.

A few weeks back the boyf and I hit up Kingly Court just off of Carnaby Street for some true New York vibes and cocktails.

This particular restaurant is up at the top of Kingly Court (a haven of delicious food, there's something for ever…

50:20:30 Budget Method

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a little insight into how I manage my finances. Growing up, I feel like there's a real lack of education on how to manage your money, and this means you wind up in a lot of trouble and possible debt if you're not careful. This year I've …