Pillow Talk #8

Good morning, or should I say, good afternoon. 

This week has gone by in a flash and I am planning on having a very lazy, chilled out day today to recover. Yesterday I went to my very first blogger event and it was so much fun! I’ll be writing a post on that soon. For now, though, let’s get cracking. 

There’s been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere in the past two weeks regarding how’s best to approach brands, and how you should pitch. Hey, should you even pitch at all? Hint: Yes. 

I’ve been collecting a bunch of content that has really helped me understand where the industry stands on this topic at present, and that’s going to be the theme of this week’s Pillow Talk. Yep, we mean business today people! 

Keeping it Candid podcast

I hadn’t heard of the Keeping it Candid podcast before this week, but I found out about it after hearing about the topic “What We Really Earn From Instagram & Blogging”. I mean if that doesn’t catch your attention, what will? The podcast features Millie Cotton and Sophie Milner, this week accompanied by Chloe Plumstead as they discuss just that, what they really earn from blogging. The episode is honestly eye opening and if you haven’t listened already, go do it – now! It’s helped me understand how to work out the value of my blog, plus the style of the podcast makes it feel like you’re having a convo with your besties. It’s seriously fab. 

Yasmin Stefanie

I discovered Yasmin’s blog this week for the first time and honestly couldn’t relate more to her post on “tackling my complex with blogger engagement”. To be honest with you, and I think we can all agree, sometimes the blogging community can be wonderful, but sometimes it can be a little bit intimidating. Yasmin discusses her thoughts on being a passive reader, and how it can sometimes be hard to feel apart of the community. When is the right time to comment? Should you comment? What should you comment? If you’ve ever had insecurities about engaging with other bloggers, I urge you to read Yasmin’s post. I think it’s a topic we can all relate to in some way or another. 

Grace Victory and Sara Tasker

Ready for a step by step guide on how to pitch? These two posts are for you. As someone who had never pitched before this week, I found both of these posts immensely helpful. Grace takes a very in-depth look at how you should approach pitching. It’s not a case of just emailing someone, you’ve got to be proactive and do your research first. Take it seriously! Grace includes a really helpful email example which is perfect if you don’t know where to start. 

Sara also write a very helpful and informative post on how best to approach brands as an influencer. What should you be researching beforehand, how should you compose the email, what should you include? The icing on the cake for Sara’s post is that she’s included some super helpful templates to help you out. Using a combination of Sara’s and Grace’s advice, you’re well on the way to a successful pitch. 

I’m going to leave it there today because that’s been what the bulk of posts I’ve been reading have been about, and I don’t want to overload anyone who might be looking for tips with resources. 
I will leave you with a question though. 

Have you pitched to a brand before, and if so, were there any posts you’d read before hand which helped you through the process?

24 Hours Without Social Media

It was time to take a break from social media over Christmas
Time to put down the phone

Today I want to talk about when I had a 24-hour break from social media, specifically on Christmas Day. Yep, it’s time to rewind back to Christmas 2017 and see how I got on.

To begin

I started the day by turning off all my social media notifications, via Settings, so that if anyone liked, commented or did anything else which would try and hanker my attention away from the festive day, I wouldn’t see it.

Another way you could do this would be by moving all your apps into a folder to hide them from view. I nearly did this, but if you've ever seen my phone you'll know that I'm a total app hoarder and would require wayyyy too much effort.

After an initial couple of hours of picking up my phone for no apparent reason and noticing myself tapping on Facebook for no apparent reason (don't worry, I swiftly closed the app before it had even loaded properly) I started to lose the habit of repeatedly checking at every opportunity.

We had the whole present opening part of Christmas Day and it was great because I just sat there and set up my new record player, and flicked through a book I'd got. I actually paid attention to presents rather than thinking 'I must set up a flatlay so I can post this on Instagram or Snapchat'.

The perils of comparison online

One of the things which I loved, and noticed especially as the day went on, it that I didn't compare my Christmas to anyone else's. I feel like comparison is unavoidable when you're spending time on social media. No matter what the occasion, you'll compare and think "she's got a nicer coat than me", "why don't I have that many friends at my birthday", "I don't want to share this because it doesn't look as good as everyone else's". Rubbish like that goes through my head too much than I'd like to admit when I'm spending time on social, so to have a day off from it was great. I had a lovely day, stuffing my face, dozing in the corner, or reminiscing about my childhood as I played The Sims 3. Time well spent, let me tell you.

I lost my phone

As the day went on, I looked at my phone less and less - at one point I actually lost it for two hours. I'd left it by my bed and forgot, but the usual panic didn't follow, as I didn't need it. When I did stumble across my phone again, I noticed just how much battery was left! Usually, I have to give my phone a boost late afternoon/early evening...

I'm inserting a little cutaway, if you will, in the post right now. As I was writing this post I lost concentration for a minute and checked Facebook. Ironic considering I'm writing about how good it feels not to do that. What was I greeted with? A severe case of FOMO. Facebook sucks and it's just killed my buzz. Boooo Facebook!

Neverending battery life

Back to the post. Usually, I have to give my phone a bit of a top up once per day, but on Christmas Day it lasted the whole time, all the way until I went to bed (which was very late thanks to Sims 3). An added perk which I didn't even consider when I first thought about having a day free of social media.

SoMe Fear (have I just created new slang or does that already exist?)

To sum it up, I found the that by the end of the day actively disliked the idea of going back onto SoMe (social media, get it? Probably won't ever say this again lol) having not been on it all day. I was living in a nice little bubble, oblivious to the world around me. It was great. I did spend more time scrolling through Buzzfeed, something I don't really do at all, to be honest. But I wanted some light filler and it made me sure I wasn't missing everything happening in the world. I also suddenly had all these hours free to spend playing Sims - that was GREAT!

And although on Boxing Day I did turn my notifications back on, I consciously spent a lot less time on social until I went back to work, and more time hanging out with my cousin who came to visit or my friends. It gave me such a clear head and I think it's why I started January on such a high. (The January blues have now kicked in though, when will it end!?)

From here on out

I'd set myself a bit of a goal after this experience to set aside one day per month where I wouldn't go on social. Unfortunately, due to my job, I'm confined to weekends, and thanks to bad planning on my part, I've run out of days I in January. What am I going to do then? Book two days in February! It's my birthday in a couple of weeks, so I think I'll avoid it as much as poss on the weekend around then, and then again towards the end of the month.

I can't bloody wait!

Have you ever had a break from social media?

Pillow Talk #7

A cute house I came across this week. Pinterest worthy.
Went on a drive in the new motor and found this - the cutest house I've ever seen!

I may or may not be totally hibernating and refusing to surface from beneath the duvet. . . 

This week has gone so fast I can't believe it's the weekend already and tomorrow's Monday. I need a weekend just to get over the weekend. 

I've been doing a lot in my bullet journal this week, as you might have seen here. I got my hands on my new car - this still hasn't sunk in, like how did this happen? And I've stuffed my face all week. Those pesky January vibes have been giving me all the comfort food feels this week and so I've embraced it and had a feast - seemingly every day. YAS. 

Next weekend I'm really excited as I've got a fun plan made with my friends for the weekend and I'm going to my very first blogger event in London. The lovely Giulia emailed me about the first London Blogger event both her and Ana have organised which will include a great day of blogging workshops and more exciting things - I can't wait! Are you going? Let's meet! 

No seriously, if you're going TWEET ME and we can be best blogger buds. 

I was planning on reading more books this week, but I've spent most of the time when I fancied a read, reading blogs. Quick note, I've made a new widget (scroll on down if you can't see it) where I'm going to be linking to blogs that I've loved in the previous week. I write about ones I want to discuss each week here on Pillow Talk, but I wanted some way to share more posts that have also left an impression on me. I'll be updating it every week so keep your eyes peeled. 

Totally channelling...

Rowena Tsai. I've seen one of Rowena's videos in my recommended section on YouTube for the past few weeks but just hadn't got around to watching. Now I regret that because I'm finding her videos so motivational and it's spurring me on to give my room a good old tidy. I started with her 7 Things that have simplified & bettered my life video, and I'd also recommend her 10 Practical Ways to Incorporate More Self Care & Wellness Into Your Daily Life video. You will be hooked. I love her vibe. 

Thinking about friendships...

I honestly feel like some of my friendships in early adulthood should be labelled with an "it's complicated" tag. Friendship around this age is confusing and although sometimes great, it can sometimes be pretty tough. People are going in different directions, choosing what they do and don't like, and meeting new people. It's a subject I've written about in the past, and want to explore more of this year. This week, one of Sophie Rosie's posts caught my attention as she described the act of outgrowing friendships. I think I'm going through this right now, or perhaps have done in the last 18 months, and it was nice to know I'm not the only one. 

Planning a social media break...

If you read Pillow Talk #5, you'll remember how I mentioned that I had a social media free day on Christmas Day and how great it was. I also said that I would be scheduling in a day just like this once per month because I enjoyed it so much. Well, here's the thing, I actually had it scheduled in for Saturday 27th but since I'll now be attending an event that day I don't think it's the best idea. So instead, I'll be planning in one, hopefully even two, during February. I saw Michelle Chai's (Daisybutter) post on Weekend Digital Detoxes this week and it's reminded me just how much I enjoyed that time away from social media. I'd love to spend a bit more time away from it. Need to up it on my priority list! 

Biting the bullet...

I read Vicky's Realistic Guide to Solo Travel this week and it's made me think a bit more about going away by myself. I've got quite a few places I want to travel to this year, some far away, some close to home, but all of them are with my boyfriend or friends. I think maybe I should start thinking about if there's anywhere I want to go by myself as a little challenge. Nothing set in stone as of yet but this has been on my mind. 

That's where I'm going to leave it for this week. Remember to check out my widget to see what else I've been reading! I'm going to knuckle down on the self-care side of things this week as I want to feel like my best self, ready for Saturday's event. And seriously, if you're thinking about going or have already got your ticket - hit me up and we can hang out together there!

A Peep At My New Bullet Journal

My 2018 Bullet Journal
Look at it! All shiny and new!

To mark the beginning of 2018, I set out with a blank journal in hand and all the knowledge of mistakes I’d made in my first journal last year. I decided that this year I was going to take a more minimalist approach than to ensure that my journal would aid my productivity without becoming a chore itself.

To get into the flow of a more minimalist approach, I've been making a conscious effort to seek out Instagram accounts which have this amazing minimalist vibe to them. The collections feature on Insta has been getting a lot of use from me in recent weeks! Take a look at some of my favourites! 

The Journal Itself

Starting with the journal is actually be writing it, this time around I opted for a black dotted a5 notebook. Last year I got the same, except for the fact it was the designated Bullet Journal edition and so included a Key, and instructions on how to bullet journal at the back. 

I’m happy with this book. I think it looks very smart, I’m happy with the quality of paper inside and I feel like I’ve got enough room on the pages for my needs.

Here's where I could have a Key, and this is my empty Index. I'm yet to fill it. 

Key & Index

Since there’s no key in this notebook, I’ve had to ask myself if I want to draw my own or leave it. I’ll be honest and say I was tempted to draw one out purely for the sake of this blog post, but I resisted because I haven't actually missed it since starting my new journal. Currently, I used a very basic system to track my notes: 

  • A dot for a task
  • A dash for a note
  • A small circle for an event 

That’s literally it. In the past, I’ve used all the symbols that you'd typically get in a bullet journal, but I find these are the ones I use most. Since there’s only three I remember them quite well!

2018 cover page
2018 is here!
I wanted to draw out this page to signify it was 2018. A new year and all that. Plus I wanted to have a go at drawing and using this dotting technique. I like it, but think I'm going to add more dots when I'm bored. Doodle space built in! 

Future log for January - April 2018
The first double spread of my future log. March is currently looking a bit sad!  

Future Log

I was quite torn on how to draw out my future log this year. I really liked the layout of my previous one but ruined it with decorations and colours which I now detest. I nearly opted to do the same layout but just leave it blank, but since one of my ambitions in 2018 is to plan lots of cool stuff - I need space to write in lots of the fun things I’m going to plan!

Future log for May - August 2018
I need to make some plans for June and August sharpish!
I like this layout because I can see the whole month at a glance, it makes it easy to see if I'm planning too many things close together. I try and schedule my weekends so that if I'm doing something Friday night, I chill Saturday and vise versa. 

Future log for September - December 2018
The end of the year is looking pretty empty right now, but I'm sure this will fill up sooner rather than later!
I also added in the grey highlights on the weekends of each month so I can quickly see what time in the week I'm planning things for. Plus it looks pretty. 

An 'at a glance' look at 2018 & 2019
I'm very happy with how this looks but it took forever. Won't be writing this out again in a hurry. 

At the end of my 'in-depth' future log, I wrote out two 'year at a glance' pages for 2018 and 2019. This took bloody ages and I honestly think I pulled a muscle in my shoulder writing all these out. Next time around I'm seriously going to consider calendar stickers instead because spending two hours on a Saturday afternoon writing out numbers wasn't very fun.

I used stamps for the 'eighteen' and 'nineteen' titles and love them! I'd fallen out of love with stamps a bit but I think using them like this is good, not too much effort but still looks great. I also thought this was a great time to get a bit of washi tape in my bujo. Looks fancy, huh? 

A place to write down important notes for next year, and to remember birthdays
I'm yet to fill this up. Didn't want you all knowing when my favourite chum's birthday's are!

I drew out this page as a further extension to my Future Log. This probably won't get a lot of use out of this until the latter half of 2018, but I wanted somewhere to write down any important dates that might be coming up. For example, if I book tickets to a concert that's next year I can write them here.

I've also popped in a page here for Birthdays. I'll use this by just writing the date and name of people's special day in the corresponding month's box. 

A double spread dedicated to all the books I want to read
I aim to make a considerable dent in this month throughout 2018

Collections (or lack of them)

Last year I drew out a lot of collections, including one to note down places I want to visit, one for keeping tracking of TV series and films I'm watching, one for quotes, one for things I'd like but can't validate buying. The list goes on, and to be honest the only one I truly loved and used properly was my reading list. It's simple, to the point, and the more I read the prettier the page will become. 

I've opted to only include this as a collection for the time being. I've left a few pages spare if anything comes to mind, but I don't want pages and pages of collections I don't use. 

How do you feel about collections in your bullet journal?

A cover page for January 2018
Here's a sneak peak of my January spreads!
That brings me to a close on how I've set up my new bullet journal. So far I'm very happy with it and am actually using it every day! Here's a little look at the cover page of my January section. I'm continuing with the same theme and if you want to see more check out my Instagram. I post a bullet journal related photo every three or four (sandwiched between other things). 

I'll likely do a post about my January pages next week or the week after. Watch this space! 

Pillow Talk #6

Being a bit controversial this week and publishing my post in the evening. Woah woah woah what is going on? Well, I've been busy...

First up, a few highlights from my week.

  • I only went and BOUGHT a car.  Oh. My. God. I am now officially an actual adult, adulting away living her best life. Honestly, who am I and how did this even happen?
  • I saw James Veitch at a comedy club and laughed so much I now have abs. (Google him and watch the video about ducks)
  • Mega lolz were had on Friday night and Saturday night. A cheeky beverage, catch up and board game eve. 10/10 weekend.

That's enough about me, it's time to get on with the content I've been feeding this brain of mine all week:

Obsessing over Katy Belle

Do you ever stumble across a blogger who you've not seen before and instantly fall in love with their work? That's how I felt this week when I came across Katy Belle on Twitter. Katy's a personal style and lifestyle blogger and her posts are on point. I'm a sucker for her aesthetic and I really feel like I relate to Katy. I've been low-key stalking her Instagram this week. Go check it out!

Swooning over Chloe Plumstead

Would I really be me if I hadn't been glued to Chloe's posts this week? No, I would not. As always, Chloe posted a couple of crackers this week which were awesome, but this one about giving yourself a kick in the career department stuck with me. It's important to stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. I am also in love with her sunnies.

Questioning social media

This week, you might have seen me discussing the impacts social media has on our mental health. This is a topic which I plan on delving into a lot over the coming months. Social media is such a huge part of my daily life, both in and out of work, I want to know how good or bad that is for me. As I was scrolling through Twitter I found this post by Meera from Lone Teen Traveller, who sums up some of the questions I've been pondering over as of late.

What do you think? Is social media ruining your mental health?

Daily goals

In keeping with the 2018 new vibes, I found this post by Rebecca (from roses) about 6 things she's aiming to do every day. Firstly I need to point out how wonderfully Rebecca's content is presented, it really is a treat for the eyes. But also, I can relate! She mentions drinking water first thing, not taking her laptop to bed, reading more. All good things, but I'm not going to list them all as I would prefer you go and check out her post! Do it!

That pretty much sums up what I've been reading blog-wise this week (obvs I've read a tone more but these are the ones I wanted to mention). I'm still reading Grace Victory's No Filter and am hoping on finishing that tonight or tomorrow. Expect a little chat about that soon. Toodle doo!

2018 | Things to come

How I'd like to feel during 2018 (This was on a camping trip last year)

Okay, no joke I think this is the fourth time I've started writing this post again from scratch. I've written a really long form version and a version that was just a bunch of bullet points strewn across the page. This is going to be my last attempt once and for all. The year is 2018, and these are my goals.

See more shows

Last year I was really happy with the number of shows and concerts I went to see. I usually see 1 a year, if that but 2017 felt like it was full to the brim of exciting stuff every other month. It was a great excuse to meet friends I can't see too often and I felt like I was learning things along the way, especially from West End shows like Hamlet and Don Juan in Soho. Although I'm going to be a little more careful with funds this year, I'd really like to book myself into a few more shows across London. So far I'm doing well as last night I went to a comedy club and laughed until it hurt - getting things off to a brilliant start!

Laugh more

Speaking of laughing... bit deep, but last year it felt like I spent too much of my time being downright miserable. With a couple of rough patches spread across the year, I definitely reached my lowest points ever, however, I also had some of the highest highs spent with my friends. I'm going to make a list in my bullet journal of activities I know I enjoy and can involve my friends with, so whenever I want to plan something I can easily pick something off the list. I had such a blast over Christmas and laughed properly, like actual hysterics, and I want there to be a lot more of that in 2018. I'd rather smile lines when I'm old and wrinkly than frown lines.

Plan trips away

I was actually really fortunate last year to have quite a few weekends away (to friend's uni digs) and managed a trip to Lisbon and Budapest - both of which were quite spontaneous! I had the best time on both trips and that got me thinking, why not think about this a little in advance this year and book them already! Okay, not all in one go, but I've got a list together of places I want to go to like Edinburgh (managed to book this one, go me!), plus a camping trip in the summer at some point. Gives me something to look forward to!

Remain body positive

I've always been a bit up and down with my body confidence but last summer something just clicked. I for once actually liked how I looked in photos (including photos where you can see my whole bod, not just my face) and I have loved it. I feel like my confidence has had a major boost to go with it and I want to keep thinking positively about this through 2018.


Buzz word of the moment, I know, but self-care is important. I definitely started putting more effort into exercising regularly last year, which is a good start, but I want to keep a tab on other things too. I want to ease off the pressure I put on myself sometimes, ensure that I'm doing things I know put me in a good frame of mind, and keep the smaller things in check like, drinking more water, eating more fruit and veggies. That kinda thing. My mental health was in tatters for more of last year than I realised and I want to try my best to keep everything going smoothly.

That's the general gist of my wishes for 2018. I did toy with the idea of breaking them down into very measurable goals but I'd rather keep it a bit vague. Who knows what's in store for me this year, let's just make it a good one!

Pillow Talk #5

Went outside in the sunshine with Jazz

Welcome to the first Pillow Talk post of 2018. In some ways, I can't believe 2017 is over, but part of me feels like January has already dragged on for long enough - I want it to be my birthday! 

I did consider writing a really long Becca style essay on what I got up to over Christmas and how I felt, and all that marlarky, but I just want to get on with things and get back into the swing of it all. Less dwelling more action. I spent most of my time off playing games, hanging out with friends, or dozing off in the corner.

On with the post!

Your gal's gonna start reading more

Perhaps you could call this a new year's resolution, I want to start reading a lot more. Last year I definitely improved on how many books I read, but it still wasn't enough. For Christmas, I got a copy of Grace Victory's No Filter, and I've breezing through it very quickly. I'm trying to read every night before bed instead of scrolling on my phone, and I've even taken it to work with me to read on the train. That's unheard of me, I usually read off of my phone, but I want that to change. I like reading physical books and I want to dedicate a lot more time to reading this year.

Vinyl, oh how I love you so

My 'main' present for Christmas was a record player. I'm actually in love. I'd been toying with the idea for a year or so after one of my best friends got one but I was unsure. Would it be worth it? Do I want to spend that extra money on records? Yes, Becca, YES YOU DO. Not going to lie, my boyfriend and I have completely opposing views when it comes to vinyl but I am determined to get him to love it too. I'm hooked. I picked up an Imagine Dragons record last year and got two more for Christmas - Harry Styles and Pink Floyd. Then I may or may not have accidentally wondered into HMV during the sales and bought four more. Sorry not sorry. It's amazing and I actively look forward to going home and putting a physical record on each night.

Balancing Act

In mid-December or so, you might remember me talking about taking a little step back from social media from time to time. Well, I read a post by Nicole (Sleek-Chic) where she said she'd be signing off on Christmas Day. When I saw this I thought to myself, perfect! What a way to test out if I can hack it for a day, and what an important day to do it on. So, I did just that, and I succeeded. Much to my surprise, believe me! I'll be doing a post specifically about how I found the experience soon, it was such a good experience and I'll definitely be planning in one day a month social media free.

Today’s Pillow Talk is short and sweet, but it kicks off my blogging for the new year. Right now I’m working hard on my bullet journal, trying to ensure that it’s not only pretty but also useful, as well as planning a load of trips I want to go on this year.

Toodle doo for now!

P.S. I am so happy it's been sunny outside today! 

2017 | A Reflection

Happy new year!

Not gonna lie, I've attempted to write this post about six times and just wasn't happy with it. not sure why I just couldn't get into the swing of it. However, time is ticking and I want to have my reflection of 2017 done and dusted so I can get stuck into the new year. 


Going to be honest with you, I spent Jan 2017 feeling more miserable than ever before. Thanks to some mystery health problem (which has improved greatly but I still don't know what it is) I spent the month in a lot of pain, anxious all of the time, and felt helpless in the situation. I remember being very happy when it snowed one day but that was about it. Not my finest hour. 


February was mixed. To start with, I turned 21! My birthday was actually fab, I got to celebrate with my work chums and all my faves and it really lifted me out of the doom and gloom that was January. I drunk so much prosecco and put on my dancing shoes to party, and party hard. I spent most of the month around my birthday trying to stay positive and not let my anxiety get the best of me. I had this serious fear of doctors, hospitals, and dentists (which I've since now overcome a lot thanks to a dozen or so appointments) and this made everything ten times worse. I was scared of whatever was wrong with me, and I was scared of anything at all to do with it. 


A definite turning point happened in March. After a bit of a scary, but thankfully super fast dental procedure I felt like I'd finally tackled my fear of dentists. So that left me feeling pretty cool. I also had a lot of fun things planned in March, including a trip around London visiting everywhere that appears on a Monopoly board (super fun, you should try it). A visit to Northampton, where I partied with my besties to the best old tunes ever. Plus, a night out bowling in London. Things were on the up! March was also the time I decided to bite the bullet and buy myself a bullet journal. This in itself gave me a huge distraction and helped me deal with my anxiety over my health a bit, but it's also completely changed how I organize my life. 


April was jam-packed with fun stuff. I felt better than ever and on top form. I was truly happy this month. I managed to fit a lot in too, with a Topshop personal experience with my bestie, Lucy, a weekend down in Brighton with Jim, many cocktails at every opportunity, and Jim's 21st. We threw a top party and I danced the night away and cleaned up a lot for him too so there wasn't too much of a mess the following morning!


In May I put my blogging hat back on after many months of neglect and got back in the swing of things. I met Emma Gannon at one of her live Ctrl Alt Delete podcast recordings which motivated me so much. I also spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the surprisingly hot weather we had. May was a sunny month and I've never listened to so many inspiring podcast episodes ever. (Post coming on my faves in the near future). I also went back up to Northampton to party again (sensing a theme here?) as my friend was graduating uni there. 


I relaunched my blog in June! After needing a big shakeup with my content I got stuck in and blogged a lot - perhaps in hindsight a little too much too quickly because I quickly got burnout, but hey ho it's okay because I'm back on it now. June was even sunnier than May and I made sure to spend evenings out drinking cider whenever possible, as well as relaxing in my garden reading. It was bliss, and just writing this makes me long for those hazy summer afternoons. I also packed in three trips to shows in June. I saw Imagine Dragons for the second time, at The Roundhouse in Camden, got to see the actual, real-life David Tennant in Don Juan in Soho (absolutely fantastic), and I saw Miranda in Annie. I'd booked all of these, except Imagine Dragons, really in advance so it was great they all ended up being within a short time of one another. 


This was one of my favourite months of the year, jam-packed full of goodness. I went camping for a few days with my family and Jim. This was the first time I've been camping in my life where it hasn't rained. In fact, one of the days it even reached 30 degrees! That's unheard of when my family goes camping - we didn't know how to cope with the heat, I packed completely the wrong clothes! But it was so, so, so good and I'm already planning another camping trip for this year. It can't come soon enough. I also through a massive party with all my chums and had a huge laugh (before the water stopped working in my house, awks) we had an impromptu photoshoot in my garden and it was fucking brilliant. THEN, (see I told you this was a good month) I went to Lisbon with some of my faves and oh my goodness did I have a good time. The heat, the sun, the company, the drinks, the food, the city, our apartment. My body confidence was sky high for the first time ever and I was #livingmybestlife. July 2018, I have high expectations. OH, I also got my babies Piggles and Wiggles! I'd been saying I was going to get guinea pigs for ages and it was at this point I decided yes, I was going to get some. I love them so much ❤️


August seemed to be full of birthdays. I went to a trampolining park which was pretty cool, a gaming pub which I'd love to go back to, a couple fab house parties, and got to see my fave gal, my cousin! I also got to see the amazing Kate Nash in concert with one of my faves and she was FAB. I didn't think I'd get the chance to see her live anytime soon but I did and she sang all her old hits. It was one of the best concerts I'll probably ever go to. I also travelled up to Birmingham for a weekend to party it up and visit one of my bestie's new house - it was on this visit a marvellous Snapchat video of me was born - never to be seen online though haha. Finally, to end August I saw Andrew Scott in Hamlet on the West End. I'd never actually sat and watch any version of Hamlet all the way through before but I really enjoyed it. This production had a very modern twist spun on it and in parts is was quite scary - very thrilling. 


September was a bit up and down, my mystery health problem reared its ugly head again and I was quite poorly with a stomach bug and then seemed to have mini flu. Woo. I did get to spend the day in Brighton though with a couple of work buddies and to my surprise, the sun was shining and it was warm! Towards the end of the month I travelled up to Birmingham again, but this time to go to the gaming conference EGX. This was pretty cool as I'd never been before and I think I'd like to go again this year. We stayed the night in a hotel and got very merry. 


After recovering from my few bouts of feeling under the weather, I got into the spirit of Halloween and went pumpkin picking for the first time ever. I had such fun, although must remember next year not to pick so many as it took us a long time to get through them all! I also dressed up for Halloween and went to Propaganda in London for a wild night out. We stayed til the very end, the tunes were amazing and the company was perfect. 


In November I stepped up my gym routine and felt like results were really starting to show. I went to a couple house parties this month and had a great laugh, as well as buying my fave coat ever. It's like a blanket and I've worn it every day possible since. I tried to fit in a couple of more chilled weekends here and there during this month before gearing myself up for the festive celebrations to come. 


December was a complete whirlwind and I honestly can't believe how quickly it came and went. At the start of the month, I jetted off to Budapest for a long weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it there. I didn't really have expectations for this trip (it was booked spontaneously) but had a blast! I've never been colder but I had such a laugh. You can read all about it here. After this much-needed break I got back into my blogging groove (again lol) and am really happy with the content I've got in the works right now. I had a record-breaking seven Christmas dinners I think, so I'm pretty done with roasts for a while! During December I also went to a couple of festive house parties, played a lot of board games, and spent a lot of quality time with my best chums. 

I ended the year feeling pretty high on life, I just hope that it all continues throughout 2018 because I’ve got some serious plans I want to make happen!