I'm a frazzled mess, wbu?

Okay so can we just stop for a second and ask how on earth we’re over halfway through July already? What? I’m baffled. Time is whizzing by and I’ve I feel like I’ve toppled over and fallen into a hole of despair. I’m clutching onto either side trying to stop myself falling, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t. I keep slipping and slipping further and further until I’ve fallen into a pit of darkness. Before you know it the summer months are gone and all my organisation skills have all miraculously disappeared.


That’s honestly how I’ve felt the last week or so though. I think I’ve reached burnout in my organisational side of life. My bullet journal is sitting there, next to me, neglected and it’s really bothering me, but now I’ve stopped for two weeks the thought of starting again pains me. And yet at the same time, there’s nothing I want to do more than draw out a bright pink selection of pages for July. But We’re over halfway through? July is ruined. The inner turmoil inside my head right now it unbelievable.

Yes, you are reading about a girl who’s essentially having a massive strop because she didn’t draw out pages in her diary. Life is fab, right?

So basically, what’s happened is that I went camping for five days, thinking oh I’ll have loads of free time, I’ll just catch up on my bullet journal whilst I’m there, no problem. Ha. Yes, I did have free time, but I was too busy with my head in a book (The Handmaid's Tale anyone? Recommend it!) or pretending to be 7 again on some swings. Marvellous use of time (I’m being legit here, I’ve never been so relaxed and chilled) but did my bullet journal get updated? No, no it did not. So it went from being one day behind, to a week behind. Now we’re halfway through July and I HAVEN’T WRITTEN UP THIS MONTH’S SPREADS. Then at the weekend I threw a party and had the best time ever with my mates, but all the effort of that (partying and tidying) hasn’t made me like I want to sit down and get my creative brain out. #nope.

I don’t know what it is, I don’t know whether I’ve just got holiday brain or what, but this last week has felt like I’m scrambling about like I’m a rabbit in headlights. It’s come to my attention that when I say “I don’t know how I coped without a bullet journal before”, I mean, I don’t know how I coped without one. I don’t know how I coped! And now, in the busiest month of the year so far, I’ve got nothing written down and it’s stressing me out! Ahhh!

I’ve got super stressed out writing this post, but I think we can all relate to this feeling. Hopefully, it’s not just me! Sometimes things can be going so well, and you can be so on top of everything, but then just like that you can suddenly not be on it, and you wonder how on earth you managed to fit so many things in just last week! *sigh*

I’m heading to Lisbon on Tuesday so that’s going to be so much fun, but also potentially stressful because your gal hasn’t got her bullet journal ready! Argh. But no seriously, I wanted to write this because I don’t want to completely drop the ball when it comes to blogging, and this is a little half way point to some exciting new content coming your way soon!

When I return, I’m planning some posts on my adventures on Lisbon, some of the fun stuff I’ve been up to lately, including a book review or two, and of course more bullet journal posts. And how not to end up in a state like this where you don’t plan ahead and then get in a flustered mess like yours truly.

Since I’m in this state, you will notice (if you haven’t already) that I’m putting social media on the back foot until I’m back from Lisbon. Insta gals, don’t worry I’m coming back soon but need a break whilst I get everything in order.

Enjoy your day, I’ll be back soon - hopefully in a less frazzled state!

Much Love

My Experience at Big Easy

Back in May, I visited Big Easy in Canary Wharf for my friend’s 21st birthday. I’d never been there before, (or even heard of it) and was pretty excited to see what it would be like.


I work in London but rarely head over to Canary Wharf. We were heading there on a Saturday night and it felt really strange! Usually, London on a Saturday night is full of hustle and bustle but it was like a ghost town. Super strange to experience. We got the DLR and then took a short 5-10 minute walk to the restaurant. We got a bit lost on the walk there as we were confused with which way we’d exited the station and which bridges we needed to cross. Then it took us a little while to realise we needed to head up to a roof garden sort of area to actually reach Big Easy. Once we headed up some very nice escalators (they only moved when you were standing on them, fancy ay?) we found other human beings and were reassured that it wasn’t the apocalypse and we were in the right place.

It was hot the evening we went and it felt very much like we were on holiday as we walked through a swanky roof garden. Annoyingly we didn’t stop and take any photos here but it really didn’t feel like London at all!


Once we were in sight of the restaurant, you could just sense the buzz coming from within. As we walked in and were seated at our table, I saw that the restaurant was absolutely heaving. This is where all the people were! There was a bar area you could order drinks from which was pretty busy and lots of tables. The restaurant was a bit dark, but quite a cosy dark if that makes sense? It didn’t feel dingy at all, just very comfortable, and the decor fitted in with the seafood theme. There were also some nice neon lights dotted around the place.

The atmosphere, although welcoming, was a little bit loud. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing but I did struggle to hear my friend sat opposite me because the music was loud. I actually didn’t realise until about halfway though that there was a live band playing - so no wonder it was loud! I wish I’d known this from the start as I would have paid them a bit more attention. I thought it was just very loud background music!


I personally don’t enjoy seafood. It’s not really for me. Consider this a miniature guide for what to order if you don’t want to fish option! I didn’t have a starter, instead went straight in with the main course of Iron skillet Home-Cooked Chilli. It was as delicious as it sounds. It came with nachos and a small salad, and the chilli was topped with sour cream. I also ordered a side of chips because I was super hungry. The portion sizes were pretty good, just enough so that you were satisfied and had room for pudding!

Now onto the best bit, dessert. I’m usually a starter/main gal, but on this occasion, the waffles had caught my eye. I had a warm waffle with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, with a jug of hot chocolate sauce on the size. Oh. My. God. Even just looking at the photos makes me want it again. This made my evening. The waffle was perfect, and the ice cream and chocolate sauce on top made it divine. I’d highly recommend the waffles if you visit Big Easy!

Cocktails were a little pricey here, so I only had one whilst we were here (a mojito of course, rather nice) and drank tap water during my main course.

Would I go there again?

All in all, this restaurant was set in a lovely location and the vibe is good inside. It has lots of hustle and bustle, feels very America, and the service was good. If you’re in the area and are a seafood lover, I’d say give it a go! If you don’t like seafood, like me, then be aware that you’re going to have limited choice but it’s still good tasty food. I would be happy to visit again in future.

Thanks for popping by today

Much Love

Why I adore habit tracking (and what I track currently)

I find habit trackers fascinating. I really think that they’re a window into someone’s life. You can immediately see what’s important to that person and what their priorities are.

Today I thought I’d share a little bit more about my habit trackers with you, and how they’ve evolved over time.

When I first created my bullet journal, I remember being most excited about creating a habit tracker. I’d seen so many on Pinterest and I was ready.

How do I Know What Habits to Track?

Choosing the habits you want to track is pretty easy. Firstly, consider what’s already a part of your routine, for example exercising, reading, blogging. The things you’re tracking don’t have to be done every day, but I’d advise choosing things that perhaps you want to improve on and start doing more of. That’s how I picked most of mine.

I can’t think of anything, give me some starters, please!
If you can’t decide what to track at the beginning, I’d work on setting yourself a few goals which you can use to track with. Set a goal of how many hours sleep you should be getting each night. There’s your first habit to track. Also look at if you want to be exercising regularly, focusing on skincare, and looking after yourself. Are you drinking enough water every day? All of these things are quite good to track as they’re helping with your self-care.

What do I track?

During the time I’ve had my bullet journal, I have added a few habits here and there. So this is a review of what I’m tracking currently. It looks like I’m tracking quite a lot, but it’s not really too bad.

Morning skin care & evening skincare:

I dedicate a row each to skincare, as I should probably be doing both! I like to track skincare because I notice that sometimes I can get really lazy with my routine. Instead of following my proper skincare routine I might just splash my face, that’s better than nothing but it’s not my proper skincare routine, is it? I’m tracking these to see if there’s any correlation with the days of the week and if I follow proper skincare or not.


I track when I work out because I think it’s important to hold myself accountable when I don’t work out. I seem to have two phases when it comes to exercising. Either I’m at the gym all the time or I’m taking a day off - lasting for three weeks. It’s not perfect and I’m only really making things harder for myself this way, so tracking it is a good way to notice when I’m going through a bad phase!


I like to practice a few times a week ideally on Duolingo because at school I was always really bad at languages. I took French and German and I was unbelievably bad at actually remembering any of it. Duolingo seems to be working quite well for me so far. I don’t think I’m going to be speaking in a different language anytime soon but having the knowledge and ability to read it is pretty fun. So far I’ve dabbled in Vietnamese because it’s so different to English and I wanted something to learn completely from scratch. And Portuguese, in preparation for my summer holiday!

7+ hours sleep

Sleep is a big challenge for me. I’m guilty of trying to cram too much into my evenings and end up going to bed too late. I’m not very good at balancing everything! My current aim at the moment is to have at least seven hours of sleep. I feel refreshed with this amount of sleep and I actually have a chance of reaching this goal!


I’ve been trying meditation on and off since the beginning of this year. I only ever hear good things about it and so wanted to give it a go. On the whole, I think I do feel better afterwards, but I don’t think traditional sit-down meditation is for me. At the moment. I’m experimenting with a few different apps on my phone to see what will work best for me. At the moment I’m trying to do this roughly twice a week.


I love reading! I don’t dedicate nearly as much time as I’d like to it though. Since I’ve been habit tracking I’ve been making such an effort to read, and have discovered some really good books along the way. It seems like my favourite thing to read is either a good self-help book or a dystopian novel. Got any recommendations?

10,000 daily steps

This is a big one. I have a Fitbit so I’m constantly trying to reach my goal of 10,000 steps. On weekdays I can usually achieve this no problem at all, but it’s much more of a challenge at weekends. I’ve got two holidays coming up so I’m trying as hard as possible to get in the best shape I can.

No spending

Haha! This is something that I unfortunately never get to colour in on my habit tracker. It’s very rare that I don’t spend a single thing. During the week I buy lunch every day (yes I know this is not the best way of doing it) and at the weekend I’m usually doing a bit of shopping. Sundays are the day where I’m least likely to spend. But that’s still rare. Ooops.

Bullet Journal

This gets coloured in almost every single day. If I’ve updated my bullet journal and filled out my habit tracker (ha) then I colour this in.

No eating out

Who likes food? ME! And I do like eating out from time to time. Even if it’s just a cheeky Mcdonalds. I’m trying to keep this to a minimum though to save money and stay reasonably healthy.

2,200ml water

It’s super important to drink enough every day. This is my goal in my Fitbit app, so I try and reach this target every day. I’ve been on it during all this hot weather we’ve had.

Fitbit calories

I like to keep an eye on what I’m eating via my Fitbit app. Basically just to keep track of any major cheat days I have. If I’ve put them in the app, this gets ticked off.

Instagram comments

Hands up if you like Instagram’s algorithm! Oh, that would be nobody. Yep, Instagram is proving to be a bit of pain recently and I think we’ve all noticed that it feels like a bit of battle to be seen on their anymore. I try and ensure that I spend a bit of time each day commenting on photos I like the look of, as my way of ‘beating’ the algorithm. I don’t think it will help me be seen anymore, but at least I’ll be able to see more of my favourites on my stream. That’s the aim anyway.


At the beginning of this year, I went through a phase of having a cold every other week. Literally. It was every other week. I’ve been taking vitamins since then to try and help my immune system out a little, and so far, it seems to be working. (Watch me wake up with a cold tomorrow). If I take my vitamins, I tick this off.


Okay, I’m still a coffee novice and only like mochas, but I am in love. They’ve become a real treat for me. I like to keep track of this though because I don’t want to become too reliant on it.


I actually got this idea of off one of my besties, Chrystal (hello if you read this!). I’m not a massive drinker but do have a habit of going OTT at parties. Oops. So, this is just to keep track of that I guess. Do you ever get that little form when you go to the dentist and they’re like how many units of alcohol do you drink a week? I dunno! Sometimes it might be nothing for weeks and then summer comes along and there’s a party every week!

That sums up which habits I track. As you can see from my tracker, I’ve always got room to add more if need be. I like to track my mood too, on the same page so I can see if there’s any correlation between my various habits and general mood. For instance, if I’ve had a day where I’ve managed to tick a lot off, I’m usually in a really good mood. A day with few ticked off is likely to not be great.

If you have a bullet journal and like using a habit tracker, what habits do you track? Do you split yours up into categories? That’s something I’ve considered doing but just keep it in the order I thought of them :’)

Thanks for stopping by,

Much Love!

What I'm Watching...

Hands up if you’ve got an obsession with Netflix and no matter what you just can’t stop yourself? Yup, me too. Here’s what I’ve been goggling over lately.


Don’t tell me any spoilers. I haven’t finished this yet but it is so good! I’ve seen a lot of people praising this show on Twitter, and like seriously, it’s worth the hype. This show takes place in small town where everyone seems to know everything about each other. The show follows a bunch of teens around as they an investigation takes place in regards to a missing person. We quickly find out they’ve been murdered! Woah. Looks like it’s a murder mystery! The show takes place mainly in high school or the local diner, and it reminds me a little bit of Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars. Why haven’t I finished watching it yet? Because I’m trying to eek it out so it lasts longer! As of right now, there’s only this season so I’m trying not to rush through. I will also point out that visually, this show is gorgeous to look at. You can tell that time has been taken during filming. Tries to remember some film terminology from Media A-Level to sound like I know what I’m talking about. You get my gist - if you need a good high school drama with a bit of mystery thrown into the mix, give this a go!

Orange is the new black

Oh my god don’t hate me but I’m only on season 2. I know, that itself is a crime but I am catching up, promise! I’ve seen snippets of the show in the past, and I remember all the hype surrounding the show when Ruby Rose joined the cast. But I’d never sat down and properly watched it before. Oh, how I wish I had dedicated time to it in the first place. As I said, I’m currently working my way through season 2 and love it! I feel like the episodes are a good length, they’re nice and chunky and you always feel like each episode is worth your time. 50mins to an hour is quite a commitment ya know. Can’t wait to catch up with the current season. Having to avoid soooooo many spoilers.

Jessica Jones

Kinda surprised myself with this one as I’m really not a fan of Marvel stuff. Just never really got into any of the films/shows. However, when a gal has an obsession with David Tennant, she gotta watch his shows. Now listen, I know that this show is by no means new and I am way behind on watching, but it’s okay ya know. I found it a bit slow to start with, and there was a lot of build-up before the real nitty gritty stuff started happening, but I am enjoying it. It’s quite dark, very dark in places, and David Tennant is a bad guy (from what I’ve watched so far). Maybe this is my way into enjoying more Marvel content. We shall see!


Chances are you’ve heard of this in some form. You might have read the book or seen the advertising surrounding the show. Personally, I read the book first, and I would recommend that. It’s like anything with a TV adaptation, you’re going to get a lot more detail from the book. I’m about halfway through the series now and am finding it super easy to watch. It reminds me a lot of New Girl, and the short episodes are snappy enough to keep you watching, but not too long that you realise you’ve got bored and have been scrolling through Twitter for the last half hour. Woops. I really like how they’re portraying Sophia and I’m hoping there might be another season in the future. Who knows!

Guilty Pleasures

Lastly, my guilty pleasures for the last few weeks have been Love Island and Big Brother. I know, the shame. Shout out to these show for taking all my precious Netflix time away from me. It is actually becoming a bit of an issue because it’s eating away at my Netflix time! First world problems alert. But seriously, I’d never watched Love Island before this year except for one episode last year where I got so confused, but now I am hooked! It’s taking priority over all other TV right now, and I am living for Camilla and Jonny. I hope by the time this post goes live they’re back to being in love again!

There you have it. That’s what I’m watching at the moment, what about you? If you’re watching anything good on Netflix at the moment let me know in the comments or over on Twitter because I’m always on the lookout for new shows to watch!

My Favourite Bullet Journal Collections

If you’ve been following my bullet journal series, you’ll know that I love a collection or two! Today I wanted to share 5 of my personal favourites with you, to maybe inspire you and give you some ideas for your own bullet journal.

Reading List 

I’ve been making such an effort to read more in the last few months. I think it’s so good for everyone and I think you only really come out the other side a better person. #Deep. My reading list has become my most used collection in my bullet journal, which somewhat surprised me. So much I’ve actually filled it up! The next thing on my to-do list is to draw a new one!

At first, I wanted to draw a really nice bookshelf with lots of books on there and fill it up gradually, but I chose not to do this for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I wasn’t confident in my ability to draw a bookshelf that matched the one I had in my head. Secondly, I was worried about how much space I’d have to write the title and author of each book in that layout. Plus, I’d already bought some really pretty looking book stickers online and wanted to use them.

So I stuck with a natural list format, with a sticker and header. That’s it, and it’s worked perfectly! I am so happy with the outcome and it’s made reading fun again! I’ve actually started taking myself on regular trips to Waterstones (isn’t it just the best place ever) to buy a few books at a time. I’m colouring in the books that I’ve read with my Tombow pens as and when I finish them. I think by the time I’ve read the whole page it’s going to look so pretty.

Watch List

Aesthetically this isn’t my favourite collection in my bullet journal, but it has helped me keep track of everything I’m watching (bar Love Island and Big Brother - they’re now a steady part of my daily routine. Don’t judge). People at work are always mentioning show that I should watch, and I’m always stumbling across things on Netflix that I want to dive into. But so often I might watch a few episodes and then something happens and then I don’t watch it for ages and it gets blurry. This collection is a bit all over the place, but I have the name of the show or film, and then a square for each episode. I find that this does actually work quite well, however, I am actively seeking out a better way to draw this. I don’t know whether I’ll wait until I’ve filled it up, or just start from scratch further on in my journal. Haven’t decided. But I do love tracking what I’m watching! If you have any suggestions/recommendations about a TV/Film collection please drop me a tweet @rawrrbecca!


Another one of my favourite collections is my wishlist. This one is high up on my faves for aesthetic reasons. I drew this page very early on in my journal, and it was around the time I started to find my bullet journal style. I love the way I’ve stamped the heading (yes this was back when I could be bothered with stamps), and the dots, plus washi tape. I love the way it’s so simplistic. I’m keeping this wishlist for bigger, more expensive things. So like, I wouldn’t put a new mascara on here if I wanted one, this is for things I have to save up for. Long term wants!

Blogger Chats

I don’t know about you, but I love taking part in blogger chats at the moment. I feel like they’re a great way to engage with the community and also, I feel like there’s so much useful advice that can be gathered from chats! I’m terrible at remembering when chats are though, so I made this double spread in my journal to keep track of chats I’m interested in. Obvs, I can’t join in all of them every day, but it means in the evening if I’ve got some spare time I’ll flick to this page and see what’s happening. I’ve got plenty of room to add in more chats as I find out about them too. Any chats you think I should have on here? Let me know!

Washi Tape 

My final collection I love is my washi tape collection! I’ve started to calm down a bit now, but when I first started out I couldn’t help myself and bought so many tapes from Etsy. Did you see my favourite washi tape stores the other day? I created this page because quite frankly, the tape is so pretty I wanted to display somewhere. This is my first completed page, and I’m currently working on another one, which I’m sure will pop up on my Instagram soon. It’s actually been a really good way of seeing how tapes work with each other, but also to see how they actually appear in my journal. Some are more transparent than others. To be honest, this collection is just an excuse to have pretty pages throughout my journal any buy more tape! Ha!

These are my 5 favourite collections in my bullet journal at the moment. I am currently working on some more so it will be interesting to see if I change my mind about any! If you have a bullet journal, how often do you find yourself flicking back to old collections? Do you copy them over into new journals as you fill old ones up? I would love to know!

If you enjoyed this post be sure to check out my other bullet journal posts for some insight and inspo.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today,

Much Love

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”

My thoughts and feelings about best selling #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso.

I first found out about #GIRLBOSS from everyone else's blog photos. It seems to be a staple in photograph backgrounds and strikes me as the 'in thing' of the moment. I saw the trailer for the Netflix adaptation and I cracked (Since finishing the book I’m half way through the show and love it!). I'd been reluctant to read this book, in fear of jumping onto the hype train, but I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to see what all the fuss was about.

On a not so special evening, I downloaded the sample of #GIRLBOSS onto my phone. In the edition I was reading, there's actually an introduction to the introduction. Not gonna lie, I found this annoying. I'd had no chance to get to know Sophia, and was straight away met with points written to validate whatever it is that happens in the book. Trouble is, I haven't read the book yet! I felt it was unnecessary and as someone who didn't already know the story, it was frustrating. I just wanted to read the bloody book! I bought a full copy off of Amazon, skipped the intro, and got stuck in.

I'm so glad I did.

This book follows the life of Sophia Amoruso and her hiccups along the way, as she founded her very own company, Nasty Gal. Sophia's personality shone through this book. There was a real attitude throughout the book, a real sense of, if you want to get shit done, get out there and do it. People my age can get swept up into this feeling that they'll just fall into what they want to do. It can be easy to forget that things that are worthwhile require hard work. Sophia's determination and confidence radiates throughout. Sure, she didn't set out to have her own business, and she faced some challenges where she had no idea how to handle it, but she grabbed it by the horns and got on with it.

I'm looking out for role models more than ever before, and I loved how much I could relate to Sophia. It's nice to know that she too, had no idea what she was doing in her early twenties. Sure, that shouldn't be an aim, but it's good to know that even if you do feel like that, there's still a way out. She's honest! I'm reluctant about reading business books because I don't like the waffle. Cut the crap, get rid of all that business jargon and say it like it is. I don't think I'm going to be the boss of an entire company anytime soon (but who knows what the future holds?) but I enjoyed the chapters talking about how Sophia felt when she had to fire people, and how she dealt with investors. It was a glimpse into how she runs the business and what you have to do as queen bee. It's not all fun, there are tough conversations to be had and decisions to be made. I loved that she stayed true to herself and the brand. She was #relatable.

Don't mistake my praise for this book as me sucking up to it, just because it's popular. I loved it, and I couldn't put the damn thing down, but I a couple things did bother me here and there.

Being so late to the party on this one, I knew even before reading the book that Nasty Gal had filed for bankruptcy last year. After a bit of googling, it looks like BooHoo have bought them up, which is great, but it did beg the question, where did it all go wrong? Here I am investing time into a book telling me how to smash it, yet the very thing it's all based on has come crashing down. It made me question a few things, and wonder if I should be taking it all with a pinch of salt, however, as Sophia said herself in a recent article “Hey, it was my first business, and I think I got pretty far.”

High-end name dropping didn't float my boat. To be fair, I think it was Sophia's way of making a comparison. She wasn't name dropping all the expensive labels she was buying from for nothing, she was doing it to prove how far she's come. I think it can come across as a bit snobby sometimes, look at me and what my success can buy - a Porsche, for example, but hey, if you've got the dollar, go for it gal.

I'm glad I read this book when I did because it's given me a lot of guidance and one heck of a confidence boost when it comes to what's happening in my life right now. I'm 21, and like, damn girl you need to get your shit together. Don't get me wrong, I've got it together in some aspects, but I want to be more. My blog content was getting so stale it was making me yawn, so god knows what other people thought about it! Hello, reboot! It's scary when you grow up, I've turned a corner in my head, and now I know that I want to make a name for myself. I want to be a #girlboss at work, I want my team to be proud of me, and I want to take this blog to the next level. This book has given me the kick I needed to up everything a notch.

If you're a woman, especially if you're my age, read this book. Today. It gives you an insight of how you can go from top to bottom, and I think it's bloody great. This is definitely a book that's going to leave a lasting impression on me, and it's given me the motivation I needed to get back into the swing of things again.


Much Love

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Bullet Journal

Some of my bujo pens

Continuing on with my bullet journal series, today I wanted to talk about the things I wish I knew before I started a bullet journal.

To give you some context, I’ve been bullet journaling solidly now since mid-march, and I’ve learnt a lot along the way. Some of which, would have been handy to know beforehand!

1. No Becca, you do not need ALL of those pens. 

Okay so for reals, it seems that I have a bit of a problem with stationery. Since having a bullet journal, I can’t stop myself from buying new pens when I see them. I’ve bought 2 big packs of pens and 5 expensive individual pens since starting my bullet journal. Plus three to write with. Oh and a pack of black fine liners. Yeah. I have a problem. Having this many pens is not necessary. Sure, it gives you options, and yes it does give you a reason to buy pretty acrylic pen pots to display them in. But seriously. I can only use one pen at a time. If I were to start again, I’d pick one pack of pens. And then try to stop. Probably.

2. Etsy has the prettiest washi tape you’ll ever find

When I was first out buying supplies for my bullet journal, I went into Paperchase & Hobbycraft and picked up two or three nice washi tapes. They’re nice and perfectly adequate but were quite expensive. Then, I remembered that Etsy was a thing, and let me tell you, they do a LOT of nice washi tapes. Literally, any colour, any pattern, and design. If you can think of it, there’s a pretty decent chance it exists. And if you look around a bit and compare sellers, you can get a lot for your money. Shop til you drop! I’d personally recommend these sellers: EllaElizabethShopTheDesignerCardCo, BlossomBuysStore and SandRBits.

3. Stop worrying about my handwriting. It’s a skill, it gets better with practice. 

At first, I was really caught up on how my handwriting looked. I didn’t know how to draw fancy titles, and because I’m usually at a computer all day, the need to physically write things down doesn’t come about often. So my handwriting had got rather shoddy over time. Not to worry though. Now I’m fully into the swing of things, my handwriting has got better, and, I’m learning slowly but surely how to write pretty titles and cool looking calligraphy. Faux Calligraphy is my best bud.

4. Stamps are effort. Don’t bother. 

In my bullet journal hauling at the start of this process, I went absolutely crazy for stamps. I bought a sheet of stamps, some alphabet stamps, and then a whole pack of little icon stamps (think hearts, starts etc). Yeah. Stamps, as cool as they are, aren’t quick and easy to use. I did use the alphabet stamps a fair amount in the beginning of my journal, but the rest? They haven’t been touched. Call me lazy, but I just can’t be bothered to clean them after use. Which makes me not use them, because I don’t want to ruin them. You see my problem. Unless you’re super dedicated, don’t buy stamps - they’re too much hassle!

5. How organised it would get me (legit) - I would have started sooner. 

So I never really realise how unorganised I was, but as I said in my post a couple weeks back, starting a bullet journal has really helped me get a grip on everything, and be more organised in all aspects of my life. I suppose the whole point of a bullet journal is to help you organise stuff, but I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s actually worked. For example, in my free time especially I’ve reached a whole new level of productivity I’ve never got to before. It’s helped me start paying attention to things, and because I know I’ve got some way of noting it down and tracking what I’ve done, I’ve really started to try and learn new things, read more, and just try and improve myself. I wish I’d started sooner.

Here's my pride and joy

There we have it. Five things I wish I’d known before I started bullet journaling. Hopefully, if you’re just starting out this will be able to give you some pointers in what not to do (buy fifty billion pens), and if you haven’t started one yet, give it a go! Tell me how you get on!

Much Love

My New Fave Burger Restaurant | Honest Burgers

If I asked you to name your top 3 burger chains, what would you say? Mine used to consist of Five Guys, then GBK, then Byron.

It is most definitely not like that anymore.

Recently my friend Lucy and I booked ourselves a personal shopping appointment in Topshop, Knightsbridge, London. We had a great time, but afterwards, we were hungry. Gal needs food don’t ya know.

We ended up near Oxford Street, just wandering around being really indecisive about what to eat when we stumbled across Honest Burgers. I’d read a couple blog posts on it and heard it was supposed to be good, so we took a gamble and went inside.

The branch we went to was situated on the corner of some fairly quiet back streets. There were a few tables outside, all full when we arrived, and as we opened the front door, it was heaving. I mean absolutely jam packed. This was about 7:30 pm on a Saturday night though, so it was to be expected. A lovely lady greeted us and luckily had one table left for two. It was right in the corner, next to a window. The restaurant wasn't very big at all. The main seating area has a couple of tables in the middle and then lots around the edge. Then you had the seating area with a few tables outside, and the kitchen was down in the basement. It did feel quite cramped, and when I sat down I managed to accidentally barge into people with my Topshop bag (soz), but once we were sat down it was alright. It was cosy. You felt really close to everyone else, and I’m sure if you wanted to you could listen in on the people next to you conversation, but the atmosphere was nice. It felt busy, buzzing, fast-paced, but homely.

They brought us the menu (which was wooden - HOW COOL)  and I decided to go for a cheeseburger. All burgers are served with rosemary salted chips. We didn’t have to wait long, despite it being super busy, the food came quickly. The first thing I noticed was how cute the plates were. This didn’t feel like we were sat in a restaurant, it felt like I’d come home for tea. It was a bit like going to a relative's house who has really retro bowl/plate things. Well cute. The portion size was spot on. Enough for me to feel pleasantly full, but not so much I felt like I’d eaten a horse.

Getting down to business, let’s talk about the burger. This, ladies and gentleman, was something like I’d never tasted before. It was so juicy, so tasty. The cheesy filling and beef patty were so delicious. It tasted like proper homemade grub, and was uh-maz-ing. Sorry Five Guys, you’ve been knocked off the top spot. I should note that burgers are served medium (pink) unless otherwise stated. I had no problem with this, but I guess it might be something to consider if this does bother you.

The chips! Oh man, the chips. As I said, all burgers are served with the most beautiful rosemary salted chips you will ever taste. As I was ordering, I thought they sounded nice, but wasn’t too bothered, but when they arrived. Woah. The chips quickly became a hit. Like, even sat here now, I can’t decide what I enjoyed more, the chips or the burger.

The whole meal was so hearty and delicious, and I can totally understand why this restaurant is called Honest Burgers. We really weren’t in there for long, and it was busy, but I could have easily sat there munching on chips for the rest of the evening. On this occasion I didn’t try the cocktails (madness, I know, I mean who even am I?) but having a glance over the menu now, they look rather nice. I want to try the mint lemonade.

So, next time you’re in London and need a burger, please try here! We stumbled across this restaurant almost by accident and it turned out to be great. And now my beloved Five Guys doesn’t do it for me anymore!

#Worthit. What’s your favourite burger place?

Much Love

My June Spreads

Before we get started, I just want to say thank you for how much support I have received since my blog reboot last week! I had a new post up every day of the bank holiday weekend and received so many lovely comments/messages from the blogging community. THANK YOU! It really means the world to me.

Leading on from last week, you might have seen my bullet journal post, and how I think it’s changed my life. Leading on from that, today I wanted to show you my spreads/layouts for this month. This will be the second post in my bullet journal series!

Whenever I start a new month, I always make sure I draw up the following pages straight away, as they’re the most important to me.

- Monthly log
- Habit tracker
- Brain dump
- Social stats
- Deliveries

These monthly logs & collections are vital to me if I’m going to have a good month. This month, as you can see, I’ve gone for a bit of a tropical, palm leaf theme. I bought some tropical washi tape ages ago and decided since it was June and the weather should be good (although I live in England so who knows!) I’d go all out and have a consistent theme. This is the first time in my bullet journal that I’ve stuck with a theme the whole way through. Usually, I like to mix it up. So we’ll see if I love or hate this idea by the end of the month!

In my monthly log, I always have a full calendar so I can visualise when everything is that I’ve got planned. I also like this because if it’s empty, it encourages me to plan some fun things to do! I also have three sections surrounding the calendar, Monthly Goals, Events, and Tasks. I like to set myself three main goals per month to work towards. This month that’s probably going to consist of lots of health/self-care goals. I’ve got a holiday in July I want to be feeling my best for! I keep the events section to jot down exciting things that are happening that month. Yes, they’ll also be on the calendar, but I live for hype, so hyping them up more is only a good thing in my eyes. The Tasks section is, literally just that, tasks I need to get done that month. Top of my list this month will be to sort out my wardrobe. I like having this section on my monthly log, because it keeps them in my mind, even if those tasks don’t have a specific date they need to be done by.

Onto my habit tracker! As I said in my last bujo post, I love habit trackers. I think it’s such a window into what makes you happy and I think it’s a good signifier of when things might be slipping, and hopefully, means I’ll be able to spot this and do something about it. For example, last month at the beginning I was working out… somewhat (better than nothing!) and by the end of the month, this had completely stopped. It’s good for identifying situations like that.

I also like to track my mood on the same page as my habit tracker. Again, it links into seeing when things are going down hill. Chances are, the better my mood, the more things I’ll have ticked off on my habit tracker above! I like to do a dot for my mood, and colour in the square on my habit tracker.

I feel like people have a love-hate relationship with brain dump pages. Some people use them religiously, some people don’t see the need for one. I have become reliant on mine. I like to jot everything here. Podcasts I want to listen to, ideas for new collections, things I need to get done, mini wishlists, quotes, doodling. Last month I actually filled my brain dump in the first two weeks, so this month I’m adding a brain dump area for each week. Read on to see how!

I’ve been tracking my social stats in my bullet journal for the last 3 months now. I do it at the start of the month and will jot down the platform and no. of followers. I’m not particularly bothered about this but I want to track any changes, especially at the moment following my blog reboot!

Remember me saying that this month I’m going to be focusing on exercising more? Yeah. This page is to hopefully encourage me to do that more. I’m planning on writing down my stats for any runs I complete and jot down what I do in the gym so I can come up with more of a routine for myself. We’ll see how well this works though…!

I would highly recommend everyone has a deliveries page! Don’t worry, I won’t fill this whole page up in just a month! On this page I like to jot down anything I’m ordering online, the date I placed the order, where it’s from, and then I can tick it off when it arrives! There’s nothing worse than getting one of those “Sorry we missed you” leaflets through the door, and not being able to remember what you ordered! It also means you can chase up any orders which haven’t arrived by the time they should have!

In order to organise my wardrobe this month, I’ve decided to have an outfits page. From now on, every time I wear an outfit where I feel super confident and on top of the world, I’m going to sketch (attempt to, anyway!) a rough drawing of that outfit. I think this will help in two ways. Firstly, if I ever don’t know what to wear, I can just flick to this page and get some inspiration - from my own wardrobe! And secondly, it should help me figure out which clothes I really love, and which I don’t. Making it easy to say goodbye to those ones, and clear up my wardrobe!

Now for the weekly & daily logs. This month I’m trying out something a little different. Usually, I just dedicate space for each day of the week and be done with it. But I’ve found I need a bit more a nudge to get things done. I also wanted more space to write notes and keep on top of goals, that didn’t fit on my old weekly log. So now, I have dedicated a sort of summary page I guess, to jot down what my priorities are that week, habits that need attention, and a brain dump area, for extra notes/doodles, you name it.

The idea behind this, is that I can use my monthly habit tracker to keep track of how things are going, and at the start of each week if I notice one is lagging behind e.g. meditation, I can make that a ‘habit that needs attention’ for a week, and hopefully get things back on track! That’s the plan!

Below you can see the variations of this summary page throughout June.

So that sums up my June spreads so far! As the month goes on, I will be adding any pages that come to mind that I think will come in handy. I’m seeing a lot of shows this month so I might try and dedicate a few pages to stick tickets, as a little momentum page.

If you’re a bullet journal user, what pages to you always draw up at the start of each month?

Much love,

Friends can break your heart too

Let me grab you for a minute. Adult friendships. Where do you stand on them? How are you supposed to feel when a friendship ends when you’re a grown up? How does it happen? It’s a bit weird right. You kind of imagine this stuff stops when you leave school.

As we get older, it’s expected that our friendship groups will take twists and turns. People are going to come and go, it’s natural. You meet new people and grow apart from others.

But don’t you think that adult relationships are hard? They’re messy and can be difficult to manoeuvre. Sometimes stuff might get blown out of proportion, and it might not be rectified because that’s just how life is. I think it’s tricky because you can’t really ever be sure if a friendship is over for good, or if you might be able to continue where you left off.

I feel like everything can be a lot more harsh as an adult. It cuts close to the bone. It can be downright horrible. The worst bit is when there is no outlet to get all your emotions out. I look back at when I was at school and remember that even if you had an absolute raging argument with someone during a lunchtime and you might swear you hate them for ever and ever, chances are, by the next week you were best buds again. Okay, maybe not best buds, but you get the idea. I think by getting it all out there, you’re able to move on quicker, deal with the situation, and go on with your life.

I think sometimes, we all like to brush off how much losing a friend can affect us. After all, friends are just friends, right? They’re not as serious as a relationship with a significant other.

Or are they?

Friends are there for us when we need a shoulder to cry on. Friends are there for us when we want to go on a spontaneous shopping trip. Friends are there when we want to go exploring. Friends are there for us when times are great. Friends are there for us when times get tough. Friends play a huge part in our day to day happiness. You might have had a crappy day at work, you might want to let off some steam, or you might have just got the best news ever and want to share with someone.

The thing that hurts me the most, is the history that’s there. You don’t make friends with someone just to be there for five minutes, it’s an investment, for both of you. You don’t head into a friendship thinking there’s going to be an expiry date. You’re in it for the long haul.

I feel like people never talk about what it’s like once you’ve actually lost a friend. It’s all swept up under the carpet and never spoken of again - in most cases. But like, why does it have to be like that? Why don’t people talk about it more? It’s almost like you have to put up this shield in front of people, and you have to be okay.

I don’t think it should be that way. I think we should all talk about these things, and be open about them more. If it upset us, bloody say so! Enough with pretending everything is fine.

Friends can break your heart, and there’s no shame in being upset about it.

Much Love

Daring to be vulnerable is brave

Ctrl Alt Delete: How I grew up online by Emma Gannon

Admittedly, I feel like I’m a little late to the party here, but I HAVE to talk about this book. Ctrl Alt Delete is written by Emma Gannon, a fellow blogger, speaker and podcast host. It

I wanted to talk about a few key points from this book that I enjoyed. Let’s get into it.

I found this book #relatable. Emma recounts various memories of online experiences she’s had on the web, as a teenager and young adult. I had the internet in my house from around the age of 10 and have fond memories of sitting there waiting for dial up and my AOL account to load. Having the internet back then was super cool. I remember having an AOL kids browser that was brightly coloured and had loads of links to chat rooms, music and videos. Oh, how it’s changed! The book gave me a healthy dose of nostalgia and really made me think how strange it is that children right now have never not known the internet. That’s so weird!

Friendships come up within the book, and I found this particularly interesting, especially at the moment. I’m 21. I’m being propelled into proper adulthood, and am amazed at how much stress is thrown at friendships. I thought it would get easier, but I’m starting to see it only gets more challenging. Emma talks about the friendship pyramid. This is the idea that you have different levels of friends, you have a smaller group who are closest to you, then a slightly bigger group of friends, and then an even bigger group of acquaintances. I love this and am pretty sure we all have our very own friendship pyramids.

A quote that really stuck in my mind which Emma uses in the book was “Your twenties is like a friendship massacre”. Like wow, okay, let me strap in for this friendship rollercoaster that’s about to hit!

Throughout the book, I also really enjoyed snippets from Emma’s early career. What pathways she took, ups and downs within the industry, and how social media has steadily worked its way into being a huge part of everyday life. When I was still at school, I wanted to be a computer games designer. Hey, maybe one day that will happen, but I also I had no idea that I would become an expert in social media. Back then the platforms either didn’t exist or were only just starting to pick up speed. I really enjoyed reading about how Emma experienced the transition from more traditional media to the modern kind we know and love today, and hearing her tales of how she fell into getting an internet job. Again with the #relatable.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book, especially if you’re just starting your career, and need some inspiration from a pro. Also, if you grew up with the internet, definitely give this a read for a healthy dose of nostalgia. But I mean obvs, the title should have given this one away!

Want to be inspired? Want to improve? Want to push yourself? Read this book. Immerse yourself in it, take notes, enjoy it, and pay attention.

Thanks for stopping by. If you want to see what I’m currently reading (and be a stalker and see what I’ve read in the past) you can check out my GoodReads account. I update it regularly.

Much love

"Daring to be vulnerable is brave. Daring to speak up about the unspeakable is a powerful thing" - Emma Gannon

Bullet Journaling Changed My Life - 7 Reasons Why

Since I’ve started bullet journaling back in March, things have taken a complete turn in my life, for the better!

At the start of this year, I was feeling so down in the dumps. I’ve never been so miserable! I needed something that was going to benefit my own well-being and would help to lift me up, allow me to be productive, and give me some kind of creative outlet where I could focus on something and forget all the things that were bothering me.

That’s where bullet journaling came to my rescue. One miserable Friday night, I made a spontaneous trip to Rymans (wild night, I know - living my best life), and bought so many stationery supplies. Like seriously, you would not believe how many.

Here are the 7 ways bullet journaling turned my life around:

1. Feeling like I have a grip on things

Sometimes I don’t think you realise how bad things are until there’s a change. I didn’t realise at the time how out of control I felt, in regards to everything. Whether it be weekend plans, my blog, my health, my life! I was floating through life thinking that I had it together, for the most part anyway, and that’s just how things would be.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Bullet journals are traditionally composed of logs and collections. Logs to track what’s happening that year, month, week, right down to the day, and collections to track things you like, films you’ve enjoyed, favourite recipes, workouts, if you can think of it, you can have a collection for it. It was these parts of bullet journaling combined which really helped me get my shit together.

At first, I didn’t really have much to write in all my logs. Pretty depressing huh? But that gave me a little kick on the behind to start planning stuff. To plan things that I’d be able to look forward to, to track my favourite things (it now gives binging that series on Netflix a bit of extra purpose!).

Since starting my bujo (bullet journal, let’s get down with the lingo) back in March, I’ve done so many exciting things. I’ve planned fun days out, I’ve attended and booked in events I want to go to in the coming months. And I’ve got somewhat of a weekly routine figured out. It’s not perfect, but of course it’s not, that’s real life! But I’m actually making a conscious effort now to fill up my journal with exciting things happening in the future. Every time I open it I see something I can look forward to. It’s an instant dose of happiness.

2. Habit trackers

Back when I was browsing the interwebs high and low for bujo inspiration, (I still do this daily) habit trackers would always catch my eye. I find it SO COOL to see what I’m doing daily and to have a record of it. Habit trackers are eye opening. I love how everyone’s is different. We all track different things, we’ve all got different areas we want to focus on, and I love that!

A habit tracker is like a window into someone else’s life. I genuinely find it fascinating. I find my habit tracker really motivating. I don’t know what it is about the pleasure of colouring in a tiny square in my journal, but it makes me (at least try to) get shit done.

Even if I’m having the busiest day, and don’t have masses of time for my journal, I’ll always try to dedicate five minutes to fill out my habit tracker for the day.

3. Collections

I don’t know about others who have started a bullet journal, but for me, the sheer amount of collection ideas out there was overwhelming at first. I remember setting up my journal and not really knowing where to begin. People have such beautiful designs, and useful, wonderful collections, it can all be a bit intimidating!

I’ve found that over time, I’ve stopped seeking out collections that I must include, and have instead found inspiration when I’m least expecting it. Don’t feel pressured to add lots of collections when you first start. Some of my favourite collections have actually been ones that I’ve drawn through half way through my journal. Collection ideas will come to you when you need/want them.

Some of my favourite collections in my journal are:

- A reading List
- Podcasts tracker
- Tv/film watch list
- Favourite artists

4. Daily Logs

At first I remember thinking, “I’m never going to write in daily logs.” LOL just look at me now! To be honest, a the very beginning I didn’t really write much in my daily logs. But now, some days each box I have drawn for the days can be full! I use my daily logs as a bit of a free for all for my brain. I jot down ideas, things I need to do, things I’ve done that I don’t want to forget, reminders, train times, events, you name it, it’s in there.

By jotting everything down, it gives me space to think. I didn’t realise before bullet journaling, but I think my head used to be quite cluttered. I’m not a very forgetful person, but I’d constantly be thinking to myself, “Oh that’s happening later, I mustn't forget,” or “That’s a great idea for my blog, I must remember it for later”. There was just a lot going on, a lot whirring around my brain. Now, I get it all written down, and in some ways, it lets me let go of everything. There’s no pressure to remember bits and bobs because I know it’s safely written down in my bullet journal.

I would strongly recommend you also have a brain dump page in each month of your bujo! It will come in very handy as the days and months go by!

5. Not looking at a screen all day

I work in an office, where my entire job involves me staring at a screen all day. I then get home and used to unwind by also starting at a screen all evening. Whether that be the TV, my laptop, or just my phone! And don’t forget blogging, that all happens with me sat in front of my laptop too!

Bullet journaling has helped give me that time where I’m away from the screen. It’s still within reach, and I do like to fill in my journal whilst watching TV, but I’m not glued to it. It gives my eyes a break and makes me feel better. Sometimes looking at a screen for too long can make me feel sick, stifled, and trapped. My bullet journal is a bit of an escape in that sense. It’s real, it exists. It’s a physical object in the real world. It’s also really rewarding looking back on your journal, and being able to say, I did that. I drew that, or I made that page look the way it does. It’s very satisfying knowing you did it and not a computer.

6. It’s a great creative outlet

As a kid, I used to be quite a creative child, but during my early teen, this dwindled. I didn’t really think I was any good at being creative, so I just stopped. Bullet journaling has given me a wave of new ideas and a love for drawing has surfaced. Who knew?

Bullet journals can be what you want them to be. At first it can sometimes be a little tricky to figure out what kind of style you want to have in your journal. I remember at first I wanted it to look and feel quite like a scrapbook. I wanted to have lots of colour on each page, and stick things in, like tickets, mementos, you get the picture. However, I then discovered some awesome videos on YouTube featuring some more minimalistic bullet journals, and they looked amazing! So then I was torn.

Since then, I’ve ended up somewhere in the middle with my bujo style. I like to doodle in any gaps, and stick special things in, or at least keep them in the folder at the back (concert tickets etc), but I also really love keeping some pages super minimal.

I love mixing up the styles and colours each month, including my layouts for each type of log. It lets me see what’s working and what’s not, and the best bit? If I don’t like something I just change it next time. No worries.

I’d also recommend buying some washi tape. If you’re ever having trouble setting up a page, use this - it will work wonders!

7. Boosted My Motivation - for everything!

As I mentioned earlier, at the beginning of this year I was in real need of a pick me up. I didn’t really have anything concrete in my head goal-wise and was just fumbling through everything feeling rather lost. Starting a bullet journal has helped me change this. It’s given me a way to monitor how things are going, and help me plan out how I’m going to work towards things I care about. Whether that be paying more attention to skin care, exercising more, or reading more. I use my bullet journal as a tracker for so many things, and it keeps me motivated. At the end of the day, the more I can tick off in my journal, the more accomplished I feel.

To sum it all up, if you’ve never heard of bullet journaling, head over to Pinterest RIGHT NOW and take a look at my bujo inspiration board. You will be fixated on all the things you can do with a bujo. Give it a go, seriously. Bullet journaling has made me really happy and focused, which was unexpected! I thought I’d probably give up after a day or so, and yet here we are over 3 months later!

This post all commences the beginning of a bullet journal series I’m going to be writing. I’m not going to put a number on it because I’m learning new things about bujo methods every day, so I will share things for as long as I can! Check back next week to read all about my favourite bullet journal collections.

Much love

Hello, it's me...

It's me!

Welcome to rawrrbecca.co.uk! I am so excited to come back into the blogging world, and am absolutely buzzing about it! And yes, I hope I've got that Adele song stuck in your head now.

There’s a chance that you’ve visited my old blog (if you want to be a stalker, some of my old content is still floating around the archives), there’s also a strong chance you haven’t. To break the ice, and get things going, I thought I’d write a little bit of an introduction for you, fabulous reader of mine.

Grab yourself a cuppa and we’ll begin.

I started writing back in 2014 during study leave for my A-Levels. Yes, I know, I should have been revising, but hey, if a girl wants to write, she gotta write! My content used to be pretty makeup and beauty focused. It was something I was exploring at the time and learning about. I loved those days, but now I want to write about more! I’ve grown up a lot since there and have got so many thoughts and ideas floating around my head, I need to share them!

At the start of 2017, I was feeling pretty pants about everything. I was really down in the dumps about a lot of things and felt like I was losing control of everything. I wasn’t having the best time, and on top of that, I felt so unenthused about my blog I thought it was over. For good!

Thankfully, that’s not the case. I spent a lot of time working out what I liked and what I didn’t like about things going on in my life.  I tried to make changes where I could so that I’d be as happy as I can be. There was no miracle cure, let that be clear, but things are feeling a lot better right now, and I’m in a much better place mentally. Self-care is important!

So, the important question is, what’s to come in regards to my blog?


Remember me saying I wasn’t enjoying my blog? Well, that’s because of the content I was producing. I needed fresh ideas, I wanted to learn new things, and I wanted to widen my horizons. I’m aware that sounds terribly cringe and so very cliche, but hey ho, sometimes life is cliche. Whatevs!

Over the last couple of months, I’ve made a real effort to absorb content that I find interesting. I’ve buried my head in content from the likes of Emma Gannon, Chloe Plumstead, Lily Melrose, Grace Victory, Katie Snooks, Louise Pentland, Sara Tasker, Sophia Amoruso, Olivia Purvis, the list is as long as my arm, honestly. And have been so inspired by these lovely ladies. I feel like I’ve got my mojo back, and have felt so motivated to write again.

In regards to new content, I’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for everyone who stumbles across my lil blog. Ever heard of bullet journaling? If that’s down your street, STAY TUNED, because let me tell you, I am obsessed! There will be many a post on bullet journaling. I’m also going to be talking about books I’ve read and have thought they’re worth sharing, podcasts that I’m enjoying, food posts, opinion pieces, career chat, seriously guys, you’re in for a treat.

I’m really excited about rebooting my blog and am so excited for you to come along for the ride. Since it’s a bank holiday I’m going to be giving you a splendid new post every day this weekend. I know, such fun! I hope you enjoy them as much I loved creating them. Thank YOU for reading my blog today.

Much Love,

P.s. Come and stalk me on the interwebs, I won’t bite!

Facebook (Yup, I just set up a page for my blog, never done that before so come give it some love!)

"Growth demands a temporary surrender of security." - Gail Sheehy