Review: Lash Accelerator Endless by Rimmel

Hey hey hey,

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on this amazing mascara. I've been using it for a good year now and it is one of my must haves in my makeup bag. Seriously, this is a must for the repurchase pile.

Let's talk mascara.

First up, the applicator for this mascara, do you see how tiny weeny the bristles are? I like to layer up my mascara, using this and a few others, such as Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara. I absolutely love this as a base layer, it separates all my lashes, leaving no clumps, and the fibres in the product really help to add length. I then like to use it again as a final step to catch any lashes I've missed on the inner or outer corners. I never realised how much of a difference it made it get those last few mascara-d up!

Although I've just told you how much I like to layer up different mascaras, I've also used this plenty of times on its own. A couple of coats and you're good to go. Like what I said above, I think the fact that the bristles are so small, they allow you to have that extra bit of precision when applying the product, so just the fact that you're coating all your lashes from inner to outer corner makes a huge impact in itself! If only using this mascara, it gives a very natural finish to your look. My lashes never look clumsy when I use this, nor to they get that sort of, crispiness. It just looks like I have super long lashes that day. I know quite a few people like the more clumpy look, myself included, but for days when you want to be a bit more subtle, this comes in very handy. 

What's your favourite mascara for achieving a more natural look?


Charlotte Tilbury "Walk of Shame" | My Thoughts

 Hi guys!

Today I wanted to share a little bit about how I feel about a new lipstick I've got my hands on. It's part of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution range and claims to be luminous, modern-matte and long lasting. 

I've never owned a lipstick or any product for that matter by Charlotte Tilbury, so I'm excited to share my initial thoughts with you!

Firstly, the packaging. It's beautiful. If there's anything apart from the quality of product that's going to make me buy high range beauty products, it's amazing packaging. The bullet comes in a pretty little cardboard box. One that doesn't rip when you open it for the first time. It's so nice I don't want to throw it away! Then you look at the bullet itself and omg. Amazing. I've always seen Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks in people's videos and blogs and have thought 'now there is some eye candy'. Beautiful rose gold, has a nice weight to it, feels expensive. And rightly so, this is no cheap lippy!

As for the colour, I have shade "Walk of Shame" and am loving the pinky red. I feel like it's going to let me pull off a red lip, without being too crazy and in your face. It's also matte, as you've probably gathered from the name, which is an instant yes from me. 

I know that a lot of people aren't always keen on lipsticks, or just beauty products in general that have a strong scent, but personally, I quite enjoy it, especially when it smells as delicious as this! It has a very strong vanilla scent, but I imagine it will wear off after application. 

Speaking of application, when trying out this lipstick I was pleasantly surprised. After my recent disappointment when trying my first Mac lipstick, I'm pleased to report that this definitely doesn't drag across the lips, and the square end makes it quite easy to get crisp edges even without a lipliner.

Overall, I'm really excited to give this lipstick a lot of use, I think it's going to be a great colour to wear as we move from Spring to Summer) if the weather ever cheers up, and is hopefully the beginning of my Charlotte Tilbury collection! 


Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Blusher Review


Today I wanted to mention Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Blusher because I'm a little bit in love with it. 

One of my friends got me this blusher back in February for my birthday and I'd never tried a product like it before. In the past, I've only ever used powder blushers, which have worked fine, but I always felt like they disappeared quite quickly, and I may as well not have worn blusher at all. However, this definitely changes that. 

This blusher comes under the cream blusher category. It comes in a bullet and you simply twist up to extra when you need to. It is very pigmented. The first few times I used it, I didn't really know how to apply it, so I sort of imagined adding war paint to my cheekbones, in a continuous line, and then blended. It actually blends really well, but my cheeks were very pink, and I had to tone it down a little which my foundation brush. What this does mean, however, is that the product goes a long way, you only need a little bit!

Now, I apply it by dabbing 3 dots across my cheek bones, blending out, and then adding more if I feel I need it. This is much better, you can still see that I've got blusher on, but it's not OTT. It's also a lot easier to add more than take it away! 

What I like about this product is how easy it is. I carry my makeup between my house and my boyfriends almost every weekend, and it's easy for powders to smash. So this solves that problem. Just pop the lid off, twist, and apply. Nice and compact if you want to take in your handbag to reapply later too. 

All in all, this is my new favourite blush, and I'm definitely considering buying one of the other shades to play with. 

Have you tried Soap & Glory's cream blushers? 


L'Oréal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist Review

Hello, hello, hello! 

Today I wanted to write a little review on this uh-maz-ing makeup fixing spray, my lovely friend Emma (hello!) recommended it to me about a month ago and I swear it has changed my makeup life!

I don't think I've ever tried a proper setting spray before, in the past if I was going on a night out I'd use the old spray hair spray on your face and hope for the best technique, but that didn't seem to do much. The main thing that smudges or ends up out of place is any eye makeup I have on. I suffer from really bad hayfever, which means I quite often fiddle/rub/itch my eyes without even realising. When I've got makeup on I make a conscious effort to try not to touch, but there's always the chance I'll cave in, and then boom, there I am sat in the middle of work with Panda eyes. Great. 

I picked up this spray from Boots for £7.99. At first, I thought it was a little pricey, but after using it I can say it's totally worth it. To apply, you shake the bottle vigoursly and then spray almost in an X shape across your face. Be sure to really shake it or you will suddenly have white freckles everywhere!

It dries in under 30 seconds, and then you completely forget it's there. It doesn't make your face feel taut, and your skin doesn't feel sticky or anything. I've found that now, any fancy eyeliner I do will actually still be on my face at the end of the day. This is a revelation for me, usually by the end of the day it will have faded and will look rubbish. and I will probably have smudged it, but now! It's there! It makes me have the confidence to wear my makeup to work without fear that I'm looking to look worse for wear at the end of it. Another thing I've noticed is that it prevents my makeup smudging when your eyes water, whether it be hayfever or just when you're walking in the wind. April where you at. 

All in all, I am in love with this product, and will definitely be repurchasing. It is now a staple in my makeup routine and I feel like I can really get the most out of my makeup now. 

If you've never tried a fixing spray before, seriously, try this! It's so worth the money!

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InstaMarch '16

Why hello!

I can't believe that March is over. This month has been crazy fast. It started off great, I had a fun trip to Birmingham and saw some of my faves, and then sadly I got ill right after! I was out of the action of nearly two weeks and it meant that my blog got a little neglected. I'm back to normal though and feel nice and refreshed. I'm so happy that we finally get some more sunshine now and am so excited for April. I've got a lot of fun things planned so hopefully it will all go well. Take a look at my snaps from last month!

This month I have:

  • Got a pet cactus for work
  • Spent a weekend in Birmingham
  • Bought some lovely new clothes
  • Bought some lovely new makeup
  • Visited the park
  • Ate super delicious food in Brum
  • Dyed my hair - goodbye dark reddish hair, hello 'bronde'!

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