InstaMarch '16

Why hello!

I can't believe that March is over. This month has been crazy fast. It started off great, I had a fun trip to Birmingham and saw some of my faves, and then sadly I got ill right after! I was out of the action of nearly two weeks and it meant that my blog got a little neglected. I'm back to normal though and feel nice and refreshed. I'm so happy that we finally get some more sunshine now and am so excited for April. I've got a lot of fun things planned so hopefully it will all go well. Take a look at my snaps from last month!

This month I have:

  • Got a pet cactus for work
  • Spent a weekend in Birmingham
  • Bought some lovely new clothes
  • Bought some lovely new makeup
  • Visited the park
  • Ate super delicious food in Brum
  • Dyed my hair - goodbye dark reddish hair, hello 'bronde'!

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