Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick & Cyber World Lip Pencil Review

Oh hey!

Today I bring you a review of Mac's Matte Smoked Purple lipstick and Cyber World lip liner. Before these two products, I had never owned anything by Mac before! Let's get cracking and I'll let you know how I found using them!

Okay, first things first, the lipstick. I actually got both the lipstick and the liner as a present, and I think if I'd chosen them myself I wouldn't have gone for such a dark colour. I'm all about the vampy lip, but on me, this just looks too dark. I don't think I'd be brave enough to wear it out, in fear that it would end up smudged or on my teeth or people that knew me would ask 'Why are you wearing that?'. It's a shame because it's such a rich, deep purple colour, but I think unless I have a serious tan it's going to wash me out. 

This lipstick is a matte shade. I love matte lipsticks and prefer wearing them to anything else, but I found when applying this lippy, it really dragged across the lips. It didn't thrill me during the application process, which is kinda a shame because I wanted something else to convince me to wear this shade a little more often! I know that this is probably because it is matte, but I have other high street matte lipsticks which are nice and smooth to apply. For my first Mac lipstick, I am sadly disappointed. 

The lipstick does have quite good staying power, especially when worn with the lip liner. My only complaint would be that when it does start to rub off, it is so obvious! The colour of my natural lips compared to this shade is so different (obviously!). Does anyone else get annoyed when the inside of your lippy rubs off? It's just a pet peeve of mine, especially if there's a significant difference between my natural lip colour and the shade I'm wearing. Maybe that's just me. 

As for the liner, I found it really nice to apply. It didn't drag like the actual lipstick, and even by itself is a very nice colour, a rich purple. I similarly wouldn't really wear this shade out unless I had some fancy pancy party to go to, otherwise I think it's just a bit to BAM in your face for everyday wear. 

All in all, I'm a little disappointed by my first Mac lippy. Hopefully, though, when a pay day comes along I might invest in another, perhaps not a matte one, or if it is matte, a much more neutral colour that I'll be able to get lots of wear out of. All the hype. 

Hope you enjoyed this post chummies! Please let me know any recommendations you would suggest for a Mac newbie!


Digital Fortress - Dan Brown | My Review

Oh hey, today I wanted to share with you how I found my most recently read book, Digital Fortress. I'm getting back into the swing of reading regularly and thought I share with you how I found it. Enjoy! 

Digital Fortress. Right. Can we just. Let me set the scene, I've never read a book by Dan Brown before, and wanted to start off by reading Digital Fortress. I read some reviews saying how this was perhaps not his best work, but I decided to go ahead anyway.

The general gist:
This book follows Susan Fletcher, a cryptology genius, as she tries to solve a major problem with the National Security Agency's super computer. It's hit a code it can't break, and this is a major cause for concern. Susan and her boss, Trevor Strathmore work together to figure out how to solve this very complex problem.

Susan: I really like Susan, most of the time. I love how she is the head cryptographer, like come on that's something we should all be aiming for! Girl power! She's got the beauty and the brains and knows exactly what she's doing, much to the annoyance of some of her colleagues. Susan's actions do not make me want to hit my head against the wall, for the most part, she seems to make logical decisions and, without making her sound boring, she makes quite sensible decisions. Towards the end sometimes I found myself asking why she does things in a certain way, but the pace fastens so you can understand her perhaps less thought out actions.

Strathmore: Oh my god. This guy. So Trevor Strathmore has worked his way up inside the NSA, good on him, but he always seems to have a point to prove. He puts way too much at risk all for his own pride, and his actions are very poorly thought out. He seems to make rash decisions, and then struggles to deal with the consequences, so makes a poor effort to cover them up. I never really jelled with Strathmore throughout the book and found myself almost constantly annoyed at him.

David Becker: David is a university professor, he is the love interest of Susan in this book, but don't expect much romance. Before the pair get a chance, David is put on a flight to Spain, to go in search of Ensei Tankado, who holds the solution to the unbreakable code. I don't dislike David, he seems like a pretty nice guy, but again, some of the choices he makes are questionable, and you find yourself thinking, if that was me, I'd say "No way, I'm completely out of my depth, I'm going home". And he doesn't. He's choices are frustrating, but you can't help but empathise with him given the situations he finds himself in.

The read:
I found that it wasn't until a good quarter way through until I really got into this book. The pace is quite fast, but it does feel like the majority of all the exciting parts happen very quickly near the end. Still, it's an enjoyable build up and makes it easy to follow the storyline. There's no getting confused with who's who, which I like. I don't want to read a book and constantly have to be reminding myself who's who.

I also enjoy how this book switches up the perspective. You get to know what's going on in all the main character's heads, and this will help click into place some of their possibly questionable behaviour.

I found the book easy to read, I enjoyed the ending, however, I wish it could have continued, it felt like it was a bit cut short, and I was left with some questions. For the time invested in 500 pages or so I was like, "What? It can't end there, not now!". I felt like there were definitely some loose ends that hadn't been tied, but the final outcome was what kind of what I wanted, I just wanted it to be explored a little more.

Would I recommend it? 
Yes, I would, but I'd warn you that you're definitely going to get frustrated with some of the characters, and maybe the ending. However, the story line is extremely fitting with everything that's been in the news recently about the FBI requesting backdoor access to iPhones. This book explores this concept in the age before everyone had a smartphone in their pocket, people are stressing about their emails being read by the FBI and government. Sounds familiar huh? If that was how people would have reacted back ten or so years ago, imagine just how big a conundrum we could be in now! We basically are! 

I shall leave you with my favourite quote from the book, one that stayed with me and made me question what's happening in the news at the moment:

"Who will guard the guards? If we're the guards of society, then who will watch us and make sure that we're not dangerous?"

My Makeup Storage

Hello. It's me. . . 

I've got Adele songs in my head and I can't stop. Oh dear. Anyway, today I wanted to show you some of my makeup storage. It's not all of it, but it's my day-to-day essentials and favourites in a neat and somewhat organized way. If I showed you everything it would just look a mess. 

I bought this acrylic storage from Muji. I started off with just two drawers but then it got too crammed in and it turned into me just stuffing things all the time. Not good. So then I bought another two and boom, I have a nice little system in place. 

I'm going to tell you about each drawer in the order that I use them, so starting from the bottom. In this drawer, I like to keep things for the base. This includes primers, moisturizers and concealers, as well as those trusty contour palettes. If I'm feeling lazy with my makeup I try to make sure I always do my base properly, because it just helps me look a bit more awake, and with it. Ready to face the day! 

Next is a mixture of lip products and my Soap & Glory powders. They don't fit in the bottom drawer! In this drawer, I like to keep all my liquid lipsticks that I'm loving, as well as the occasional lip balm or lippy. Whatever floats my boat. I keep all my favourite lipsticks on the top of this unit in a cute little acrylic display. 

Next drawer up, I guess this is a 'to-blog' drawer/new products drawer. Do you ever have new products that are just so perfect you can't bare to use them yet? Hopefully, it's not just me! Anyway, I like to keep new products I haven't used yet in here for a number of reasons. Firstly, I want to remember that they're new and I haven't used them yet! There's always the chance that if I put them straight in the appropriate drawer I'd just reach for my usual fave and forget all about them! I also like to keep new products in here so that if I have any duplicates (looking at you Thick & Fast Mascara!) I know what to use up first before I open the newer product. I also like to keep products in here that I want to blog about in the near future. So you might just be seeing some of these in closer detail sometime soon!

Finally, the eyes drawer! It's getting a bit packed in lately because over Christmas I've accumulated a few new mascaras. I have wayyyy too many liquid eyeliners. Some of them are really on their last legs so I'm just trying to use them up now so I can make room for more. I also keep eyebrow pencils/pens in here. I know that once I've got to this drawer my makeup is almost complete and I will soon be on my way. Not before setting it of course (can we just talk about how amazing setting spray is? I hadn't used one before until recently and I am a changed woman!)

So, on top of the drawer unit, I like to keep my go-to nail varnishes, which are all either Ciate or Barry M. I'm going through a bit of a neutral or black phase with my nails at the moment, and let's not forget a good splash of glitter too. I also have my lipsticks! I'm making a real effort lately to try and use lipstick more. I think in the past I've been a bit scared, as it can make such a statement. I'm also just worried I'll forget I have it on and accidently smear it across my face without realising. My favourite at the moment has to be Rimmel 207. I hadn't used it for absolutely ages but I've rediscovered it and want to wear it all the time. All the time. I really want some more Nyx suede lipsticks, though, I mean aren't they just to die for!

Now you've seen where I keep the bulk of my makeup, I keep palettes and extra stuff, or things I rarely use in the drawers of my dressing table. I think in the near future I'll have to have a sort out so that I can make room for even more lovely makeup! I love it at the moment, I feel like my friends and I are all really getting into and can share what our favourite products are at the moment. I love it!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing how I organise my favourite makeup. It's slightly organised chaos, but it keeps all my day-to-day bits and bobs in one place.