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Couple of days behind this one as we're getting into the full swing of October now, but I thought I would share with you my favourite Instagram snaps from September. I used to love doing this posts and want to get back into them! 

September was such a fun month for me, I kicked it off by going holiday with my best friend Niamh. We went to Majorca for a week and it was fabulous. We stayed in a lovely seaside resort and the weather was amazing, much time was spent by the pool, drinking cocktails and chocolate milkshakes. Not always in that order!

I've also spent lots of time with Jim this month, spending quality time together and hanging out with Dizzy the dog, she's not well bless her, very poorly dog indeed, but we're trying to make her last few days/weeks as comfortable as possible. 

Another thing I've kind of become obsessed with this month is organisation. Whether it be using Trello at work to arrange every task you could imagine, or muji storage at home to get my make up collection and beauty bits and bobs in order, I'm obsessed I tell you. Expect some blog posts on storage ideas I'm fantasizing over soon!

All in all September was a pretty good month, it's probably been my favourite September ever. Usually September is always filled with trepidation for me, like starting another year at school, or last year beginning my apprenticeship journey, this year everything was already in place and I just had a fab holiday to enjoy.

October, you've got some pretty high expectations! 


*Edit: As I published this post, Jim let me know that sadly Dizzy has passed. She had a lovely life and I miss her lots already </3

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