Okay, a bit of a catchup sessions happening on the blog. 

I've been so busy lately, and time is going so fast! How on earth is it May? I still feel like it's only March, hence I've got a spot of blogging to do! 

I'm having a think about where I want my blog to go, what kind of content I want and all that kind of stuff, and I think I just want to document whatever makes me happy. Blog posts I always enjoy are Instagram posts, summing up the recent shizzle I've been up to. 

So, rewinding back to March...

March was filled with me having this obsession with trees. It seems like the warmer weather has taken a lot longer to arrive than normal this year, and I couldn't help but take photos of wintery branches. I've spent lots of time in a local park by work and it's been pretty cool watching the seasons gradually change.

It's amazing how fast time passes once you've left school.

I also got to see Wicked with one of my besties, Lucy. It was absolutely brilliant, we had a great seat in the middle of the stalls, and the whole performance was spectacular. Would really recommend to anyone thinking of going.

I also experimented with my hair in March. I'd had my natural colour for a good year or so and wanted to go ombré on the ends again, it was lovely. The whole reason was so that I could dye my hair a lavender shade on the ends. Short story is, I had ombré for a month, then lavender for a week, but it just didn't take to my hair evenly at all, and was more grey than anything, so, as I was having a trim anyway, I went back to dark brown.

Finally, I got to see some cute little lambs at work! There was an exhibition on with four baby lambs being looked after. They were very cute, so cute I wanted to take them all home with me! Sheep are just the best.

That sums up March. I can't really believe it was already over a month ago, but there we go!