Hey lovelies!

Okay, so.. seems like my blogging has gone out the window doesn't it? Well yup, for February it did, everything got crazy busy, quite scary, but so exciting! Hopefully I should be able to get back into more of a routine now, as a lot of things in my life have fallen by the wayside recently (running), but I thought I'd share with you some of the moments I popped on Instagram this last month. 

This month has been cray cray. To start with, it was my birthday! I've hit 19, and it's fab. I really didn't like the idea of it, but hey you gotta embrace change, and so far life as a 19 year old has been pretty damn fine. My birthday was great, I had a night out with all my besties and was so happy, the kinda happy where you just cheesily grin at everyone! I spent the day with my family and boyfriend, and many hours were spent watching my new Miranda DVD. Such fun!

Moving forward, I had an exciting job interview for a web design company in London. I was honestly terrified, but, boy was it worth it as I have secured myself a new job! I'm so excited for what's to come, and after my first week I really feel lucky to be working in such a great environment with some very creative minds. 

As well as my birthday, I had two more special weekends in February, one spent with the boyf on Valentine's, the other, also spent with him on our three year anniversary! We went out for TGIs one week, and had a cozy day the other, I can't believe it's been such a long time, I'm a very happy Becca!

Running and blogging have taken a back seat, but I want that to change, I was really enjoying running, and need to keep it up, since I never seem to get to the train station on time in the morning, so being able to run with ease would be nice! I may have to blog less, we'll see, but hey, I'm just settling down into my new job so these things gotta take time before I have a steady routine. 

Another exciting thing that has happened is.. I'm finally on my way to getting a full driver's license! I've just had my first lesson and it was so much fun! Not nearly as scary as I thought it would be, and I am so excited to keep on learning! 

Also, I've become rather addicted to reading. Fifty Shades. Yup. I saw the film and then had to read the books. I'm addicted, and spend all my free time at the moment reading it. Woops. This is just a phase I'm sure!

Hopefully you too are having a fab time, and maybe some exciting things are happening to you too! Do let me know! I'll see you soon!

Oh Toodles