Before I'm 20

Hello lovelies!

Last weekend something great happened...


It was such a lovely weekend and most of my friends were able to see me. Much celebration was had and it was just such a happy weekend. Happy is good. 

This got me thinking, now I'm a big girl (being 18 didn't count) things are getting more serious, and before I know it the teenage years will be behind me forever. 

Why do we get older it's not fair. 

Anyway, I've come up with a list of things which I hope and wish to achieve before the big 2 - 0 next year. 
  1. Learn to drive
  2. Write a letter to myself
  3. Complete the couch to 5k challenge
  4. Get a full time job
  5. Get second lobe piercings
  6. Document my 19th year of life as much as possible. Last year of being a teenager and all that!
  7. Go on holiday with friends
  8. Keep a diary
  9. Weekend away with the boyfriend
  10. Start saving money
  11. Clear out my wardrobe - we're talking deep clean.
  12. Do something for charity
  13. Keep an occasional dream diary
  14. Read some books. Seriously just start reading again.
What do you want to achieve before your next birthday?


Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit

Hello lovelies, 

Today I thought I would share with you my thoughts on one of the contour kits available from Makeup Revolution. I've been using this since around mid-November, and it's become a daily staple in my makeup routine. 

I picked this up from Makeup Revolution, because contouring really seems to be the in thing. By this, I mean that more and more people are doing it, and there are more and more techniques popping up all over Pinterest. I wanted to give it a go, since I'd never bothered before, and at only £3.50, I couldn't really say no. I personally use the Ultra Fair C01 kit, which suits my skin tone pretty damn well.

I was really impressed with the kit when it arrived in the post, good old internet shopping ay! It looks neat, and fits in my travel makeup bag so easily, always a bonus.

IMO, the pigment of the contour shades is really high, so much so that there have been a few occasions I've had to go blending crazy after adding a little too much of the darker shade. However, that does bring me onto another good point, these are pretty easy to blend, once you start those circular motions it's all good.

One thing I would say, is that after quite a lot of use, they do look quite bitty/grainy in the pan, which does make it look a little less wow, however I haven't noticed this impacting anything when applying it to ma face.

I would personally pick a slightly different blusher shade, but that's just me. It doesn't mean it doesn't work or looks nice.

So, if like me you want a taste of contouring for an affordable price, give this a go!

What do you use to contour?

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