Hello lovelies!

Ah I've been so rubbish at posting what I conjure up in my head recently. Do you ever have that, where you've got some fab ideas for posts but they just don't seem to actually work when it comes to writing them..

Anyway, since we're reaching the end of November (scary) it's time for my InstaNovember post! If you want to rewind and see October's click here.

Quick round up, this month started off fab, then went completely poop, then was great, then average, then good again. Lol, detailed I know! 

I picked these photos to sum up the month because they're definitely my happiest moments, I had such a wonderful day visiting the Shard, and having quite possibly the tasitest sausage and chips from Borough Market ever. 

I've also seen so many of my friends this month, I choo choo trained upto Birmingham with Connie to see Chrystal and Lucy, saw Jack shopping, hung out with Alex, and of course Jimmy. I've definitely filled up my spare time with fun things this last month! Ooh, and I went and saw fireworks with all my besties, who I love lots ♥

Ah, I do wonder if everything else is going to change so dramatically this December, we shall see!