Hello lovelies!

Ah I've been so rubbish at posting what I conjure up in my head recently. Do you ever have that, where you've got some fab ideas for posts but they just don't seem to actually work when it comes to writing them..

Anyway, since we're reaching the end of November (scary) it's time for my InstaNovember post! If you want to rewind and see October's click here.

Quick round up, this month started off fab, then went completely poop, then was great, then average, then good again. Lol, detailed I know! 

I picked these photos to sum up the month because they're definitely my happiest moments, I had such a wonderful day visiting the Shard, and having quite possibly the tasitest sausage and chips from Borough Market ever. 

I've also seen so many of my friends this month, I choo choo trained upto Birmingham with Connie to see Chrystal and Lucy, saw Jack shopping, hung out with Alex, and of course Jimmy. I've definitely filled up my spare time with fun things this last month! Ooh, and I went and saw fireworks with all my besties, who I love lots ♥

Ah, I do wonder if everything else is going to change so dramatically this December, we shall see!


Helix Piercing Update

Hello my lovelies!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may remember my post back in August, where I spoke about my new helix piercing. I was so happy to get this done, and am still glad I did. At that point in time I hadn't really had any problems. However, since then it's been up and down. Let me tell you what happened!

Okay, so I wrote that post in August, and everything was hunky dory. Literally, in my eyes it couldn't have gone better. However, in mid-September I caught my piercing and it started a shed load of problems. 

People who know me know that I like wearing rings. In fact I love them. Now, since my piercing was still delicate, I was sleeping with my hand as a barrier between my piercing and the pillow. Yet one night in September, I forgot to take my rings off before bed, and I somehow got my piercing stuck in my ring (yes, I don't know how I did it either) and pulled my hand away. Not realizing they were attached.

This brought lots of tears, literally it was so painful. Worse than getting it pierced to begin with. It was bleeding too and got a little swollen. Not fun. To be honest I was more annoyed that I had just undone a month's worth of healing. 

After this, it was painful for a week or two, and once I'd caught it once I just seemed to catch it on everything. Then, it was getting super hot, and I got an infection for about a week which was fun. Luckily it wasn't too serious, and I got this to go by doing regular salt water rinses. (I should point out I was using salt water rinses and Claire's cleaning solution on a daily basis anyway). 

Once the infection was gone, it finally started to calm down a bit. During October it was really up and down, some days it would bleed, it was very crusty (sorry for details) and I noticed I had piercing bumps. Woohoo! Not.

Piercing bumps occur either if it was pierced badly (it wasn't, we all know that from my last post) or if there's basically some kind of trauma to the piercing. Hmm, yup, I think my basically yanking it out of my ear might have something to do with it! I have a small bump at the front and back of my piercing, and they are very small so barely noticeable, but they do bug me, so I'm currently looking into what the best methods are to get rid of them without causing any more problems. I don't want to aggravate my piercing any more, ever! 

Apart from that, in the last three weeks or so I've noticed a real difference. Firstly, it no longer hurts, yay! I can also move the little bar freely backwards and forwards, no pain, or swelling, which is nice. My ear actually looks better. For the majority of September and October my ear was always red, that has now thankfully calmed down completely. I do still get crusty bits but this is perfectly normal to happen during the healing process. 

I have now reached the three month mark, which is in theory when I'm allowed to swap over the piercing, however since two of those months have been months where my ear wasn't very happy, I'm going to leave it until at least Christmas before I change it. I want it to be properly healed before I start messing around with it. 

I'm still eager to get more piercings in the future, and was thinking about getting them done in the new year, but again, I think I'll just have to play it by ear (pardon the pun) and wait until my ear has completely settled down. 

And the moral of this story is, don't wear rings to bed kids! 


Visiting the Shard

Hello my lovelies! 

Last weekend I took a trip to the Shard in London, and wanted to share my experience with you!


On Saturday, it was a beautiful day, marking the 1st November 2014. It was my Dad's birthday so we decided to celebrate and visit the Shard, and take in the spectacular views of London. The weather was perfect. 

I really enjoyed the experience, and it was well worth the money. You could literally see for miles, and I could see both where I work, and basically my house from the top, which was pretty awesome. All in all we spent about an hour on the viewing platforms and I loved every second. I've heard some people really don't like the height, and it is a little daunting, but honestly it's doesn't feel too much like you're on the edge so to speak, so if you're afraid of heights I'd still give it a go.

One thing which I wasn't please with was going through security on the way in. It's basically the exact same system as airport security, which is fine. It's not fine however when the security woman drops your camera. On to the very hard floor. Yep. Thanks for that! I did have a little sob but we won't talk about that. 

The camera is fine.. sort of. It's been playing up recently anyway, and this was like the icing on the cake to make me decide it's time to save up for another one... 

In the gift shop I bought some goodies too, they have a really nice guide book and a super duper cool pen. Yes, I am aware I sound about six years old - but it's a cool pen okay? They also had a penny machine, where you get a penny squashed and it has a image embossed onto it. I collect these so it made me a very happy Becca.

Afterwards, we went for a walk around Borough Market, which I loved. It was so busy and my god the smell of food was amazing. I was already hungry but this made my stomach need food. There were so many choices, but I couldn't resist sausage and chips. They were literally the best I've ever taken. I shall be going back. I shall. 

We sat by a beautiful church to eat, looking over at the Shard, and it was quite frankly, lovely. Saturday was such a nice day, after all the excitement in the day time, I went to a fireworks display in the evening, and finished the whole day off with the pub. Fab.