Hello again my lovelies!

Well, October.. hasn't it been a month! I think October has bought with it the biggest change in my life for a long, long time. Some highs, some lows, but all in all, it wasn't too bad you know!

First up, a sideways selfie. Hmm. Okay, basically, this was my attempt at trying to capture the new lighting in my room (what a thrilling life I lead) due to the brand new fairy lights I bought. On one side of the room wrapped around a mirror I have blueish fairy lights, and now wrapped around my bed I have golden ones. My room is ever so cosy.

It's slightly cropped in this collage, but the top middle photo quotes 'Love what you do'. I think this has been something I've tried to remember this month, as I've definitely had some ups and downs, and not known where my head is at in some decisions. All I can say, is you have to experience the lows to appreciate the highs.

Halloween face! Okay, so this will fully be revealed, (unless you saw another sneak peak in a previous post) TOMORROW! I had so much fun decorating my face a couple weeks ago in preparation for Halloween. I've tried to in the past, and it turns out looking like utter crap, this time, it actually turned out okay...ish.

The woods. I've actually got two photos of the woods in this collage, so I'll talk about them both at once. (I usually don't go into this much detail in these insta posts, but hey, I feel like a chat) Due to me starting work, it has meant that my free time is now a whole lot more precious to me, which has meant that Jim and I have been making more of an effort to go out and do things. He's the boyf if you were wondering, (bottom left pic). We don't wanna spend heaps of money on fancy dates or anything, we just want to do stuff, that's nice, and isn't cooped up indoors watching telly. So I have really enjoyed getting outside most of the weekends of October and doing something different.

Okay, jumping to bottom mid, and bottom right, cake and work. At work, there was one special day when I got cake. Now, this may seem like a really little thing, but, um, did you read and see that right, CAKE. When I had cake at work, it suddenly struck me that it had been absolutely ages since I'd had cake. I mean months. So this was a highlight. Then to the selfie, that was taken on my first day of work when I got home, and my happy face proves that the working life isn't all that bad. Despite the lack of layins :')

And finally, my happy little face in the centre. I've got a lot whirring around my brain at the moment, a shed load of worries, a whole lot of doubt about things, and just general anxiety about things I've never dealt with before. However, from this face, it seems that obviously something, somewhere in my life, is making me happy, and is going right. So, I'm just gonna look on the bright side.

There you have it, a slightly more detailed Insta post than I usually do, buy why not? Hope you enjoyed!