Hey there my lovelies, do you know I really didn't realize it was August today and how quickly July has whizzed by! It feels like summer should only just be starting and it's like woah nope moving on other things to do! I've been pretty busy, if you read my latest post you would have seen I was enjoying my holiday in France. Oh it was lovely and I'm now super sad it was a month ago. Like what. But, the times are changing and I've been a busy bee, and it sounds like I'm only going to get busier from now on. Not sure how I feel about this, part of me is still clinging onto school life and childhood I suppose. I was also kinda shocked to see how inactive I've been this last month on Instagram :O That will not be happening from now on, I am telling you! I've also been pretty busy clearing out and redecorating my room. Tough work but hopefully once it's done I can show you the finished room. 

Despite not being too active this month on Instagram, I'm gonna share what I do have anyway, after all it's my little tradition on this blog :)

Hope you enjoy!

This month marks a really great period of time this year. I woke up absolutely stunning surroundings whilst in France, and discovered a love for the ukulele. I also apparently like salads now. Not even joking they've gone from least favourite food to way up there in my all time faves. So scrummy! I also toyed with the idea of getting a new piercing, and went through with it! Woohoo! Lovely Niamh was also very brave and got a tattoo, I'm sure we will here about that soon so keep your eyes peeled! I on the hand was a complete wuss when having my helix pierced, but I am so glad I got it done, and already want more! Woops :')

Thank you for reading as always, and if this is your first time reading, or you've visited my blog before, I'm only small but I appreciate it SO much. Starting this blog is by far the best decision I made this year, and has opened a few doors for me. Thanks again!


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