Hey hey hey lovelies!

It's the end of the month again and that means one thing, it's time for my roundup of Instagram. If you don't already follow me, check out my profile here. I've picked out all my favourite snaps from August, so enjoy!

August has absolutely whizzed past, and I'm not too happy about it. A lot of things are changing for me in September, and I'm kind of dreading it, so for August to be ending is not a good thing! However, despite that I have had some good times this last month.

The Holi One Festival is definitely one of the highlights of the month for me. I spent the day with a lot of my friends and the whole event was a great laugh. You can see me enjoying it with my bestie Niamh (top left) and the main stage (bottom right). 

I've also taken some selfies this month, nothing new there then! This month I got my full fringe cut back in. I loved it at first but it hasn't turned out the same way I had it cut the first time back in May, and I think for the colder months I'm going to grow my side fringe back in. Hurry up and grow hair!

I've also stumbled across some beauty products I love this month, the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer I purchased in the paler colour had become my go to quick lip product. The colour is so great and summery and it's so quick to apply. I'm also in love with the lip liners I bought, they're a seriously good purchase. 

And finally, I've wearing my new moonstone ring every day. I am in love and it goes with everything. Eeep. It's been quite a pretty month looking back at these pictures. I can't wait to take more this September. Hope you enjoyed the post!


Lip Liners & Eyebrow Care

Hello lovely humans. Today I am writing a little review type thing on some lip pencils I purchased, and an eyebrow definer I'm using at the mo. In my last post you will have seen me getting excited over some new lipsticks I bought recently. However, since I have been expanding my lipstick collection, I noticed I was missing something quite important. Lip liners! I only had one red one, which is great when I wear my red lipstick, but what about the other shades I have? I had to make another trip to Boots. Sorry not sorry.

Okay so let's just stop and appreciate how amazingly gorgeous these colours are. I am in love! I went for the Maybelline Colour Sensational lip liners because unless I've been blind while in Boots, I found that they had the widest range of colours, and actually had the colours I felt I needed. I also trust the brand as I have a couple of lipsticks from this range too, and I really like them, so it kinda felt like an obvious purchase.

I picked these colours because, as already mentioned, they're beauts, and also because I feel like now I can pretty much match them up to all the colours I have/will buy. I've already got a red one, so that's got bright reds sorted. Sweet Pink 132 will be perfect for pale pinks and nude shades. I think it's such a cute colour and it's actually made me think I need to invest in some more paler shades.

Intense Pink, 140 is perfect for slightly darker pinks, and I've actually mixed it with Kate Moss's matte lipstick in shade 107, to create a deep pinky red. I knew I liked the colour when I bought it, but it wasn't until I got home that I realised just how much I like it. Seriously. The first time I used it I didn't even bother with lipstick as this turned out to be basically the perfect and most flattering colour ever. I just popped on some Lip Cote and job done. This lip liner is already getting a lot of use and I'm so happy I bought it.

Finally, Midnight Plum 338 is what I was looking for when I decided I need some lip liners. A lot of my darker lip colours have a plum undertone, and honestly this complements them so well, and is nice and dark but not over the top. I now feel like my lips look a lot more complete when I wear darker shades, and ahh I'm so happy! I'm sorry I'm getting so excited over a few lip liners but as a newbie to the lip world, I'm excited okay? :D

The texture of all of these lip liners is great. They're all quite soft, but not so much you have to sharpen them every five minutes. They're also super pigmented which is fab, I hate liners where you have to go back and fourth over the same area, only for a minuscule amount of colour to come out. These are so easy to use and effortless in that sense. I also quite like the packaging. I mean, to be honest, you can't really package lip liners differently can you, but still, they're nice.

Next up, brows:

We all know eyebrows frame the face, so it's important that they look right. I recently invested in a simple brow pencil from Collection, which is good, but I had a few problems with it. The texture is super soft, and it requires sharpening all the time, which isn't a huge issue, just more annoying more than anything. The main problem though was the colour, I just felt it was a little too dark. Now, this could be because when I got it my hair was freshly dyed, and therefore super dark, so it looked fine. But now my hair has faded to my natural brown shade, which is not dramatically different, by my brows were looking a little odd. So I picked up this little thang.

I was a bit worried about buying it, because as you can see, it's blonde. However I have read around and it's apparently better to go lighter rather than darker, and after using it, I can see why. This isn't a pencil, but a definer, ooh fancy word ;) I really like the fact it's not a pencil, as that means no sharpening! Just twist and boom you can use it. The colour is more of a light brown than blonde, and when on my brows it just blends in and looks right, rather than odd. I can only really say good about this product, the only thing I'm a little peeved about it how little of the product there actually is. I twisted it up all the way out of curiousty, and was kinda disappointed to see there isn't that much product, however, it was really cheap so I suppose I can't complain. Despite this, I'll probably be buying again as I know it works. 

Well, that just about rounds up this post, hopefully I've given you some options if you're thinking of buying any lip liners or brow products, and I hope you enjoyed reading. 


Kate Moss Lipstick Review

Hello lovelies!

Over the last few months I've gone from zero to hero with my lipsticks. Well okay maybe not hero but I've certainly increased my measly lipstick collection from about 2 (which were horrid and old if I'm honest) to a nice little bunch of high street brands. I've seen so many people raving about the Kate Moss collection with Rimmel, I had to have a go, and oh yes, I am very happy with my purchases!

I just want to say, I had so much fun photographing these, but was terrified the wind was going to blow and they'd fall and get ruined. Thankfully that didn't happen!

Okay so first up, price, at only £5.49 each, these are a bargain! I am on a tight budget at the moment so I'm always on the look out for products which I can afford but work really well. These fit that criteria extremely well. I went for the matte shades of the range, as I much prefer this style, and didn't actually own any matte lipsticks. Gotta start somewhere ey! I was drawn to shade 107 because I already have a bright red, but this is a little darker, and as I grow my collection I'm finding I'm more drawn to the darker shades. In my head they suit me a little better. It's so lovely and deep and I think it has an ever so slight plum undertone. In other words, I love it. It's great if I want to make a statement without being too in your face, and I did just that in my last insta post. This lipstick be used often, and I may need to purchase another when I have some money to keep in my bag at all times!

Also, I'm not having a dig at people who do swatches on their arm or wherever, but for lipsticks especially I don't find that helpful at all. Our lips are a pinky shade, I want to know how the colour is going to look there, not on regular skin. Anyone else or just me?

Okay, next up shade 101. As I said, I'm currently leaning more towards darker shades as I build up a collection, but I thought, Becca, it's the middle of summer, brighten up a bit! This shade does just that, it's a really cute pink shade and can be worn on a daily basis so easily, with little maintenance. The texture of both these products are lovely, they're feel quite creamy on the lips, and considering they're a matte formula, they actually feel incredibly moisturising to be honest. You can build the colour up more if you want to with extra layers, but they have pretty good pigmentation as it is. Shade 101 is quite a cool tone, and I really think you could work this all year around. Especially if it was snowing. Can you imagine if it snows? Ah I hope it snows!

I feel like I made good purchases here, I've got something for nights out and the winter months, and a more everyday shade which makes me look a little more summery. I'd honestly recommend these so much, especially if you like a matte shade as they're so affordable. I purchased mine from one of my visits to Boots (which are becoming more and more frequent, not helping my bank account at all!).

Do you have any bargain matte lipsticks you love? Let me know as I want to try out some hidden gems!

Thanks for reading as always :D



Hey there my lovelies, do you know I really didn't realize it was August today and how quickly July has whizzed by! It feels like summer should only just be starting and it's like woah nope moving on other things to do! I've been pretty busy, if you read my latest post you would have seen I was enjoying my holiday in France. Oh it was lovely and I'm now super sad it was a month ago. Like what. But, the times are changing and I've been a busy bee, and it sounds like I'm only going to get busier from now on. Not sure how I feel about this, part of me is still clinging onto school life and childhood I suppose. I was also kinda shocked to see how inactive I've been this last month on Instagram :O That will not be happening from now on, I am telling you! I've also been pretty busy clearing out and redecorating my room. Tough work but hopefully once it's done I can show you the finished room. 

Despite not being too active this month on Instagram, I'm gonna share what I do have anyway, after all it's my little tradition on this blog :)

Hope you enjoy!

This month marks a really great period of time this year. I woke up absolutely stunning surroundings whilst in France, and discovered a love for the ukulele. I also apparently like salads now. Not even joking they've gone from least favourite food to way up there in my all time faves. So scrummy! I also toyed with the idea of getting a new piercing, and went through with it! Woohoo! Lovely Niamh was also very brave and got a tattoo, I'm sure we will here about that soon so keep your eyes peeled! I on the hand was a complete wuss when having my helix pierced, but I am so glad I got it done, and already want more! Woops :')

Thank you for reading as always, and if this is your first time reading, or you've visited my blog before, I'm only small but I appreciate it SO much. Starting this blog is by far the best decision I made this year, and has opened a few doors for me. Thanks again!