Bonjour mes beaut├ęs!

I am currently beginning my holiday adventures in France! It's so lovely here and I can't wait to blog about some of it. As it is coming to the end of June, which I am really struggling to get my head round as this month feels like it has only just begun, it is time for my InstaJune post, where I share with you my favourite Instagram snaps from this month. If you missed last month's post see it here!

This last month has been really stressful for me, I've now finally completed my A-Level exams, and am freeeeee, for a little while anyway! This last month has also seen my blog grow quite considerably, and I'm starting to feel really part of the blogging community.

As you can see from my snaps, I have recently embarked on OOTD posts, both opposites really, one summery, one very grungy. I've only done two, and it was kinda scary because I've never done them before, but I really had some lovely feedback and want to say thank you! There will be more to come shortly. I've also battled with the worst hay fever ever this month, and if you're suffering too check out my hay fever skin routine which makes the whole ordeal a little more bearable. I've also bought some new clothes and jewellery for the summer, and that obviously means selfies. Finally, I've made friends with a donkey family in France. Expect to see them more over at Instagram because I am literally in love with them!

Thank you for reading as always, and why not let me know in the comments your Instagram usernames so I can check out your last month in photos :D


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